Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

It allows me to feel relaxed, and take me back to the moment. It also takes pressute away from performance and delaying your orgasm as you engage more sensually and more slowly.

To stay out of my head and just enjoy myself and my partner with anxiety.

I want to be more mindful during sex so that I stop spectating and go back to just letting my body react the way it should to sexual situations.

I want to be more mindful during sex to improve the enjoyment of the sensations for both of us and prevent anxious thoughts that kill the moment

I want to be able to get lost in the moment during sex without being stuck in my own head, so I can appreciate the moment

I want to be in my body and feel pleasurable sensations

To feel things more.

I want to feel every sensation and not worry about what my partner is thinking.

I’d like to be more mindful in all aspects of my life, because it helps me be more in the moment instead of in my head. I’d like to be more in the moment during sex so I can be more relaxed and get more enjoyment.

To stop negative thoughts from being a self fulfilling prophecy

I would want to be more mindful of the sensations I’m feeling from my partner. Try to be more on the moment and less focused on my thoughts

I want to be able to fully enjoy the experience for what it is without having to worry and stress about “my performance” and optimising her experience. Also to be able to deconstruct the sexual process instead of kissing then oral, then penetration - stay on what gives me pleasure the most and not keep to the “process”. I also need to stop thinking I’m not as good as her previous partner!

I want to be able to be in the moment so I can enjoy the sex and go through it as a natural procedure, not one I have to plan and think about constantly as it occurs. I want to get out of my head during sex so I begin enjoying it and then hopefully become more spontaneous rather than following the same plan everytime

I want to be more mindful during sex so I can develop intimacy with a partner and not have to worry about not getting it up

I want to get back to just enjoying the actual act of sex, vs looking at it as something that i need to perform at a certain level for.

I want to enjoy complete intimacy with my wife and feel more connected to her emotionally by being more connected to her physically. I want to be able to stop thinking about my performance in bed and be able to enhance the experience in the most natural way in which it was meant to be in the first place. I want to connect on a deeper level

The past few years have always been stuck in my head. I had a gf who made sex a chore and had past trauma brought up so my lil man has been limp. I want to be here in the now and want to please the new gf

I want to be more mindful of the privilege it is to experience sex with Another person… so more mindful or my own and their pleasure

I want to be mindful so that I block out the negative thoughts

I want to appreciate the act and motions of sex as opposed to being focussed on my issues regarding ED