Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

I want to not be stressing over if it’s gonna be hard

I want to be mindful and present during the experience and eliminate other thoughts from distracting or floating in

I just want to enjoy the moment for what it is, and not have my mind wander and kill the experience

Take back control of the situation and enjoy sex instead of stressing about it.

So me and my wife can start having better sex again as it helps us connect and be closer. It’s great when it’s great so is frustrating when problems arise.

I want to be more mindful during sex so that I can receive pleasure. By also receiving pleasure, I can then reciprocate and pleasure my partner. Doing so will allow us to connect and and become more intimate with each other.

Feel all the sensations and not worry about other things that really don’t matter

So I can be more present and get out of my head.

I want to be more mindful so I’m present in the moment and connected with my partner.

I want to enjoy the experience so I can actually get an erection

I want to be able to enjoy myself during sex

I have to echo everyone who said connection. The feeling of intimacy can be really quite magical and enjoying it to the fullest is a goal for me. To that I have to add the possible benefit of better, more lasting erections of course, which is just more water to the mill.

I can focus on my partner but I can get pulled from it surprisingly easy. I have an injury and the sudden jolt of pain takes me from the moment very quickly.

To be in the moment more. To enjoy the experience for what it is. Not to dwell on performance or overthink which causes you to miss the present moment.

The sensations of my entire body. The beauty of my wife.

I want to stop worrying about my erection and be able to focus on the feelings and sights I experience during sex. Seeing your lover enjoy what you are doing and myself enjoying the feelings.

I don’t want to feel like the whole experience is a contest anymore. We want to explore our bodies together and not win sex

I want to connect with my girl as much as I can mentally physically emotionally. That’s what helped me to start this journey to better myself and relearn and reconnect my mind and my body.

To be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex with my partner without the added pressure and stress that I put on myself

In order to get out of my head and into the moment. I’d like to be able to enjoy the moment without expectations. To feel everything with my partner without having to rely on thoughts/fantasies to stay up and in tune. But rather be in tune with the moment and my partner