Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

I want to me more mindful and “present” during sex so that I enjoy the experience more without stressful thoughts taking me away from enjoying it.

So I can enjoy the experience, not be so analytical and so stuck in my head. I also want to be able to enjoy the connection with my partner more.

I want to be in the moment, enjoy intimate moments with my wife, and be there emotionally for myself, and my wife. This program has alrewsyatted to help and improve my situation, it’s unbelievable how much you are able to control if you have the right tools and the know how.

I want to be present, and in the moment, I want to enjoy the intimate moments with my wife rather than stress myself out about them. I want to be emotionally available for myself as well as for my wife. I want to enjoy sex, amd this programme has already started showing me how I can do that!

I want to feel full connection without any worry of if it will work

To enjoy the experience more and make sex more meaningful.

That I matter. That I am part of this experience and my wants and needs matter too.

To improve my relationship, not only with, my partner, but with myself and my body.
I want to enjoy life, not having to worry about, worrying about, sex or erections.
I want to be able to have sex spontaneously, without going into fight/flight mode as soon as some sexual tension rises between my partner and I.

I feel like it was so much easier when i was in high school to get caught up in the moment and just enjoy myself and all of the feelings because it was all so new, now i feel like i’m desensitized and not enjoying the fun of it, like it’s some kind of business deal i need to complete. I need to get back to just having fun with it.

Of all the sensations, not just the penis, but the whole body!

I want to be more mindful during sex to enjoy it, savour the moment and become closer to my partner instead of being wound up in my thoughts that prevents me from doing so

I want to be more mindful during sex to enjoy the moment more and be more intimate with them both physically and emotionally and not have these anxious thoughts that prevent me from doing so

To get out of me and into her.

For enjoyment

I want to be able to connect with my girlfriend on a deeper level. Although sex isn’t the only way to connect, it’s a very important part of any romantic relationship. I want my girlfriend to feel like she is giving me pleasure as well.

So I can enjoy everything related to the sexual experience and not worry about being able to maintain my erection.

I want to be more mindful so I can stay in the moment and not spectate about my performance.

I want to be mindful so I don’t think of the negatives and just enjoy the moment

Being more mindful would make me enjoy sex as it supposed to be, and if I can be more mindful and enjoy it more my girlfriend is able to pick up on this and she would enjoy it more and that would bring us closer together

I start off with positive feelings when starting foreplay before sex the doubt occurs immediately that I attempt penetrative. When I have not had problems previously I would feel everything during penetrative and now I feel nothing☹