Mindfulness techniques

Hey! Anyone have any mindfulness techniques they’ve used during sex to help stay in the moment and reduce/redact thoughts about staying hard?

We would recommend taking a look at our “Getting Out Of Your Head During Sex” Meditation series. This is a guided meditation series which will help you reconnect with your body and help you reduce any negative thoughts about staying hard during sex.


Mojo Team

Hey! Here is a list of mindfulness things I do:

I try to slow things down, be so curious that maybe whatever happens today will change my life, absorb every feeling, sight, sound, emotion, sensation, smell, touch, thought like I’m a kid exploring the world, focus on the feelings without thinking, love every feeling, and really feel every feeling.


I practiced mindfulness meditation where I just tried to keep an erection by myself without external stimulation (i.e. no direct touch or porn). After success with that for a couple of weeks it made it much easier to not worry about, or even wonder if I could maintain an erection during sex. With the practice of focusing on how my penis felt outside of sex (during my mindful meditations), it made it much easier to be mindful and focus on how good things felt once I got back into it again.

Like the first user that responded said, I think it helps to “really feel every feeling”, and just enjoy the moment. I think practice outside of sex can really help.

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