Why do you want to be more mindful during sex?

The sensation, savour the moment and stop being in my own head

To be more connected, enjoy it throughout, stop performance anxiety and have healthy long lasting erections

I want to feel the pleasure of sex and deliver the same pleasure to my wife, and be more connected with her in the bedroom

I definitely get into spectator mode, so I want mindfulness to get me out of that state. I fear I’ve ingrained too many bad habits to get out of there.

I want to feel like I’m in the room during the experience, a participant rather than observer. Reconnect with every sense and feeling that I seem to have lost whilst trying to outperform myself and deliver for my partner.

I want to be more mindful of my pleasure points and not react with fear when I do get an election (out of fear of losing it).

So that I stop worrying about whether I’ll have an erection or will maintain it

To focus on pleasure for myself and my partner in the moment and enjoy it without over thinking other things

I want to be present in the moment. I enjoy sex with my wife and do not want to be distracted by my thoughts of worry and stress

So i truly experience it rather than spectate

I want to be mindful so that I can silence the inner critic sabotaging my experience.

I want to be more mindful so I can be in the moment and not be distracted by my doubts and anxiety. I want to connect deeply with my partner and hopefully in turn have a better relationship.

It would be cool to be more present and feel the sensations in the body instead of having to worry about other things.

i want to be mindful during sex so i can focus on the pleasurable sensations i’m feeling, opposed to spectatoring and not fully enjoying the experience. i know that i need to stop spectatoring and enjoy how i’m feeling but sometimes i catch myself thinking about my erection

To enjoy the sensations and relax. It want focus on what I’m feeling and block out the rest of my thoughts.

I normally start out very present and enjoy the beginning of sex. I want learn how to stay that present and enjoy the whole experience when the negative thoughts start creeping in. I want to keep it about me and my wife, not about how well I’m performing. I want to stay connected.

It would mean that my experience of sex is more organic, and is not based on whether the activity is a success or failure, but rather just something pleasurable

I definitely want to be more mindful of the sensation. I’m too focused on “if this is good”, “is she close?” And I get more into the steps of it than the sensation

Previously I was often thinking only of my performance (or lack thereof). Even when sex was going well, I rarely worried about my own pleasure, simply how I was being perceived. It made sex more stressful than pleasurable. Hopefully, mindfulness can help me better connect to my body and the moment.