What is your inner coach like?

My inner critic is a darker version of me that beats me down. Tells me I’m a failure and I can’t. My inner coach is dressed in white and steps between me and my inner critic and tells him “Enough! You have no power here.”

My coach is a literal coach wearing sunglasses who blows a whistle when my inner critic makes demeaning comments and disproves them with snappy comebacks.

This was almost kind of emotional… I got angry at the critic. Visceral anger. And when the coach was introduced it felt like a 2v1 against the critic… where I controlled the narrative and was backed up by the coach.

That was a pretty good exercise and explanation.

My inner coach blames my husband for me not being attracted to him. But my inner coach says that he’s been with me for 11 years so there must be something he is attracted to.

My critic — a thin and clever old white goat in a sweater vest and glasses — said “You’re not ready! You better try to prepare, but it won’t be enough” My coach — a great gorilla in a red polo shirt with a whistle around his neck — stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and said “Ready for what, to have fun? It’s not a performance, he just has to be himself. Of course he’s ready!” His hands on my shoulder pass me some of his strength and confidence, and i sit up straighter.

Inner critic is douche. Coach is a hard nose coach type of voice calling bs

My inner coach literally looks like a coach. Whenever he pops up on the scene he blows his whistle, silencing the inner critic. The inner critic is this little angry stick figure guy whose head is always on fire. While the inner critic deals in feelings and past failures, the inner coach combats that with facts, reassuring me that I’ve been working on things and have already shown improvement.

The inner coach told the inner critic that I can do it.

this dick Works before and it will work now.

My inner coach is a strong, loving friend who accepts me fully. He reminds me how lovable and kind and strong I am, and that I’m allowed to let go of conditioning from religious school telling me I’m morally and psychologically broken.

My inner coach was Han Solo hahahaha- he just appeared in my minds eye, cocky as hell with a wry smile. Reminded the little demon how many times I’ve succeeded and will again. I am gob smacked this had such an effect on my outlook.

It’s just me!

My inner coach is a loving presence and thinks I’m amazing. My inner critic is small child who doesn’t know the harm they are doing, they are just trying to protect me.

My inner critic said you are a loser, my inner coach said you are a winner with love.
My inner critic said you are man enough, my inner coach said you are masculine and attractive.

My inner coach told my critic that he is important for self survival but that he overstepped his bounds and that he needs to pull back and be helpful not hurtful. There is no need for him during sex since there is no harm that could come to me. The coach told the critic that I have had wonderful sex thousands of times and that he needs to get out of the way and allow me to enjoy myself.

They’re both versions of me. The critic is convinced she’s going to be disappointed in me. And before even getting to that, the critic thinks I’m not going to be able to get it up. The coach says that it’s impossible to know the future, for one thing, so enjoy the flow of the moments. And it’s impossible to know her mind if things don’t go as planned. She already likes you - enough to be vulnerable herself. So it’s unlikely she’s going to be anything but compassionate. And if not, then that’s on her and maybe you two aren’t a good match. So be gentle towards yourself, forgive yourself and let yourself enjoy the moment.

My inner coach mentioned I’ve satisfied myself and I am then able to satisfy my partner. I have satisfied women before and its not so hard. Its the inner critic that I listen to and I need to balance and listen to my coach as well.

My inner coach is a confident and factual character, more of me when am relaxed and thinking critically. Points out clearly the untruth in the nagging inner critic statement and pocking holes to those statements logically with evidence of past successes in an optimistic attitude

Great friend rational thinker

Inner critic was pretty pathetic. Simply saying ‘you won’t get it up’. Inner coach was actually a porn star that I admire as athletic, tough, and more mature. She was acting like a trainer in a gym, pushing me forward and telling me where to focus. She shutdown/belittled the inner critic.