Inner Critic / Inner Child

I redid the inner coach exercise where we’re asked to visualize our inner critic and inner coaches, and while during the first time the inner critic was an outside voice and my inner coach was me, this time my inner critic was a younger me, from when I was very little. I moved to the US as an early kid so I had to grow up quickly, and I do remember being very hard on myself back then. I also finished a session with my therapist today talking about my past in moving to the US, so it is very interesting that this inner critic may be my younger self that I never got a chance to revisit and appreciate for everything he went through.


That’s so cool that your sessions with your therapist and your exploration of the Mojo exercises are building on one another!

I’m glad you’re getting to know that young side of you. And because you’re seeing that side a bit clearer now than before, it could even be a sign it’s beginning to show its vulnerability to you.

I think that younger you must have had a lot of grit and determination to make things work after you moved. I wonder what it would like to spend its energy on now you’ve connected with it and can explain you’re an adult and in a very different place in life.

Good luck exploring further and understanding that younger you :smiling_face:

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Thank you, Grace. I never thought about how my younger self would interact with my adult self, so I appreciate that comment. It certainly feels that I can see him, and he can see me. We both don’t really know each other but there is starting to be some peace where I know I don’t have to be so hard on myself and just enjoy life.

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