Does anyone have an inner critic that just feels like another personality?

My inner critic feels like a weird coping mechanism, I imagine it like a negative band or or sheathe that puts me in this scary mood that I have to feel scared of masturbating and stuff.

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Sounds really helpful that you are forming a clearer picture of your inner critic and its process. The image of the ‘band’ will be useful, perhaps it has a colour? You will be quicker at spotting it now you have put a name to it. It can be hard to understand it’s purpose because often they make us feel miserable. They are there to protect us from difficult situations by encouraging us or ‘saying to us’ to avoid things. Working with it and ‘saying’ you don’t need to be such a tight band ‘ease off, we’re ok’ will begin to help.


Don’t be hung up with your inner critic. Let your inner coach respond with thoughts like, masterbation is healthy and nothing to be ashamed of. I am masterbating to learn what gives me pleasure. Use the masterbation techniques described on the Mojo app. Be kind to yourself :heart:

I also agree with Amanda from Mojo.