Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

If you didn’t notice the inner critic this time, take a moment to see what other guys are saying.

Mine is cautious, telling me things like be careful, or warning me I’m too close to the edge.

Mine is belittling me, making feel less of a man cause I won’t be able to last long

It’s myself and lowkey he a gaslighting bitch

He’s making me feel less like a man

My inner critic is me talking to myself and giving me advice judgments and comments

Mine just whispers to me in certain situations and reminds me a little bit too often.

Mine tells me I’m worthless

Mine is telling me there is no way I’ll last long enough to please her.

my inner critic is the focus of sex, there is no voice, it’s the looking forward to ejaculating. it’s not what i want to do, but listening to this and learning how to prevent it was definitely what i needed to hear.

My inner critic always assumes she’s pretending to enjoy it and she feels as uncomfortable about it as me but neither of us say anything.

My inner critic is telling me I’m less than because I don’t work up the courage to approach woman and attempt to create sexual tension or show my interest in them. It’s always telling me of the other men who are more successful or more experienced in filling that role

It is telling me I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m not good enough

Not sure I have a prominent one. I’m quite confident in the bedroom but just can’t last. I know it’s quite common so it doesn’t bother me or stop me trying again. If anything it’s a motivator and exactly why I’m trying mojo, I might just reflect after sex and think I should probably try and improve that.

Makes me feel like I’m letting my wife down

Mines just this sense of dread and worry, telling me I’m going to mess it up and disappoint her yet again and that I’m going to feel awful and embarrassed after

Mine is the better version of me and I have to be him to be happy

It’s more of an awareness conscious that reminds me to doubt my potential performance. It points out how short & unstimulating the sex will likely be given previous performances.

the critic makes it known as a given that i won’t last in bed - even though i know that’s not always the case

It’s myself, telling myself that it’s the same old story - that I’m not gonna last long