What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 3)

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A little worm in the back of my mind just catastrophising the situation as it unfolds

It feels like a mix between a little worm working its way into the back of my mind, but I also feel I’m viewing myself from afar and being negative about myself. Latching onto
my insecurities and exposing them.

My inner critic is very quiet and soft-spoken, but I never have a hard time hearing it. It usually tells me right before I penetrate “it won’t stay hard” and he’s right like 90% of the time:(

It’s me and once that little voice is there it feels like I can’t win

My own voice, hiding in a shadow, Nagging, always telling me it might not work, it’s going to fail, it’s going to happen again, it won’t be hard enough, or stay that way if it is.


A mix of me and my ex’s

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A mini me

A nagging voice that doesn’t stop, like the most annoying song you can think of.

My own voice inside my head telling, criticising and being snidy, telling me that I won’t be able to perform, and even if I do perform I won’t last very long so what’s the point as I’ll let her down one way or the other

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My inner critic is me…I get an erection and its hard and the inner voice says great job in a whisper and then quickly yells at me and says don’t lose your erection, if you lose it you less of a man

Feels like another me passing judgement from the outside, often unkindly and impatiently

My inner voice always feels like it is myself, and it feels as if it’s laughing at me or taunting me, in sexual situations because it believes I’m not good enough to make it work. I feel it becomes more prominent in these situations going from subtle to down right self depreciating.

it’s like a disembodied voice emanating from nowhere. it sounds the same as all my other thoughts, so it’s hard to distinguish a regular thought from an inner critic thought.

A voice in my head that tells me to make sure I stay hard and don’t fail

More of a feeling that a voice. It knows that I’ve had issues in the past and once my head gets started it’s down hill. I’m thinking to much I’m going to overheat, is this room too hot. I should do more cardio

I must think longer . It seems strange .

I saw my inner critic as a bigger taller version of myself. Similar to bully or the devil on my shoulder kind of thing.

It questions everything I do. Am I good enough? Why is she with you? She could do better and then just resides in my thoughts all the time.

It’s my own voice telling me I’m not good enough, I’m letting her down, and that I’m losing feelings when I know I’m not. It also tells me that I won’t stay hard