What is your inner coach like?

What did the inner coach and inner critic say or do?

My inner coach is a magpie, and my inner critic is a leech. My coach helps me detach the leech and see how much it has drained out of me.


Inner critic - Will you fail? Can you do it this time? Coach - I’m going to have fun! I’m not going to spectate!


My inner coach is a firm but loving presence. It’s me when I’m free of anxiety and feeling most confident. My inner critic wants me to basically have nothing good or enjoy anything. And my inner coach basically told the inner critic to leave. Because we don’t have room for such negativity.

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My inner coach and critic are both aspects of me
The critic is all the things I dislike in myself, and he’s withdrawn, cranky, pessimistic, and afraid. The coach is my hero self, the best version of me who is compassionate, helpful, kind, wise and nurturing. The coach looks bigger, happier, more relaxed and good natured.

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My inner critic is a little red monster who thinks in binaries. My inner coach is JK Simmons firmly telling me to ignore the critic and embrace complexity.

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My coach reminds me that she loves me, and she chose me. She will continue to chose me. Any my dick works fine, it has worked, and it can work again in these scenarios.

I need my inner coach to remind me of being desired, of being loved. I always feel loved, I don’t always feel desired though in these situations.

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My inner coach is me, but at my best. I feel like it’s an older version of myself telling me the positive things I need to here as a man. While my inner critic is a smaller version of me I suppose. The coach is simultaneously in encouraging my hardworking behavior, but it is also promoting going with the flow and being in the moment.

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My inner critic is very binary, good or bad. But highlighting the bad, the negative. Reminding me of excessively high and somewhat unreachable expectations. The coach is full of smiles, carefree, like Owen Wilson! Here for a good time reminding me how amazing I am and what I bring to the world. And to have fun while we are all here.

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my critic is my childhood fear. my coach is my confident adult voice. Critic: he won’t be able to cum, and you won’t be able to maintain an erection for penetration to orgasm. It’s happened too many times. Coach: he’s climaxed many times and satisfied others. His dick has fucked to orgasm before and he enjoyed to so much and so did his partner - even with a condom.

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It was in the form of a lion, and it kept saying YOU ARE A KING, YOU ARE A GOD, in a very MUFASA from lion king way

My coach reaffirmed that we dont know what we want when we want it – and that’s ok. we believe in me, and that belief will change me for the better – in my head and with my penis

my inner critic and coach were stick figures. the inner critic was a basic circle and sticks and my own voice; the inner coach, ball and sticks with a mustache and hair and with the voice of Ted Lasso lol.

part of the conversation–

inner critic: he’s not good enough … for anything

inner coach: are you kidding me?!? he’s smart, kind, funny. but above all else, he’s got the grit to achieve anything.

honestly, this exercise was really powerful and … enjoyable to do.

Inner critic says: " you’re not going to get hard. She’s not going to try enough to get you hard. She’s going to feel really bad that you didn’t get hard and that she’ll claim you don’t find her attractive. If you take to long to stick it in you’ll go soft."
Inner coach says to the critic: “dumbass, you existing is what is causing the problem and the only time we’ve had issues with erections are when you’re around to ruin the party saying all these lies.”

My inner coach is a kind and sincere older man, while my inner critic is a red-pill douchebag. The inner critic tells me that my partner will leave me if I fail again. He says that I can’t fuck it up again, or it’ll lead to disaster. My inner coach calls the inner critic’s ideology toxic and self-prophesizing. My inner coach puts an arm around my shoulder and reminds me that my partner wants me for me. He tells me that I’m not reduced to my sexual performance. He says as long as I focus on being a good human, being a good partner will follow. My inner critic is revealed to be the damaged, weak man he actually is.

Remember all those times we fucked real good? Tonight will be like that.

My inner critic is projecting all of its insecurities onto me and my inner coach is pointing that out.

My inner critic said that I won’t be able to please my partner because they enjoy intercourse and that they will be disappointed. My coach said that my inner critic is just projecting its own inability onto me. My coach said I have a good track record of pleasing partners when I’m not brought down by the inner critic.

Inner coach is Samuel L. Jackson. “Don’t listen to this motherfucker. Do you who this is (me)? We’ve been with a bunch of girls before and we’re ready for sex. It could be tomorrow for all I care.”

Slapped back the inner critic with witt and logic.
My critic is a random person. My coach is my best friend

My inner critic was as harsh as ever. Telling me that “it’s happening again”. But my coach interrupted and went to bat for me. Encouraging me and telling the critic that it just takes time and “he’s got this”.