What is your inner coach like?

Good, nice guy. My voice

My inner critic was one of those bald cats and my coach was my dog. Really helpful exercise to observe and be comfortable with your brains patterns.

Told me I did it last thursday, twice, and will happen again. You were stressesed last night and still had a go at it!

To feel the two parts of myself, the worry, cunning and criticism of the inner critic and the strength, calm of confidence of my inner coach was powerful. They had a literal conversation where they agreed and disagreed, tried to work together and also trip each other up.

The coach was honorable and open, whilst the critic sneaky and fearful. It made me accept they are both part of me and both trying to look out for me in their own way. If only briefly, it felt like a step in the right direction towards balance. The critic is there to make sure I’m attentive to other people’s needs, but the coach there to give me confidence that I don’t need to let performance anxiety (worry that I’m not going to be satisfying) take over. Need to practice more!

The inner critic feels like a ghost or a demon. It said no one will love you the way you are. My coach was myself trying to push back and said that people have loved you before and you’ll find someone again

Inner critic showed a nervous tension in my groin. Inner coach said “you, can go now. I got this.”

The inner critic always says you won’t get it up. My coach would say that no woman has ever complained and that it’s me that is putting all the pressure on myself.

Critic sent the limp feeling to myself reminding me I never get hard. Coach reminded me how much I love sex and want to experience pleasure.

Actually my inner coach just said that for everytime you did not get an erection, you had at least twice more got an erection and had enjoyable sex. The inner critic is trying to keep me safe, but i make myself unhappy if i dont try to have sex just to be safe, i recently had a wave of sex drive and had really enjoyable sex man times recently. My inner coach came from the room we had sex and showed me how i enjoyed myself.

The critic and the coach were just me talking to myself. I used logic and reason to counter what the critic had to say.

My inner critic is a snake, and my inner is an owl. I must have been playing Harry Potter too much. Anyway, my inner coach is evidenced-based when he can, and compassionate otherwise.

The inner critic is a simp Version of me who remembers me of my failures. The Coach is the best Version of me who reminds me of my successful nights and tells me Not to listen to the simp cause he is the reason for my failures Not my own Performance or Body

Had difficulty visioning 3 parties to the conversation.

My inner coach is like the kid who ask nicely for the bully to stop while the inner critic is the kid that whales on the poor kid

I’ve found this a tough one. However, it’s gradually become clear that my inner critic is more of a grey cloud, that dampens down any positivity and spreads despondency. After a couple of false starts, my inner coach changed from being the moustachioed Ted Lasso into being just a warm feeling, the sun on my skin lightning my mood and making me feel that the world is a good place. This yellow, golden, sensation moves to my lower belly and be becomes physical. With my own voice it tells the cloud that things used to be great and to think of all the big, easy erections in the past. When the inner cloud of doom says ‘yes but that’s all gone’ the new vital sun-warmed me tells it that it’s just being a natural misery and that things will be great again, that everyone has a passing phase, that we are all capable of so much more, and that this stage is already passing and thee is so much more ahead. Optimism always wins, with its politely confident certainty.

It is a better looking version of me :slight_smile: a very handsome fella who tells me “you can” and I believe him!

I just imagine my inner coach being the most confident and carefree version of myself. He’s always standing tall with his hands on his hips, smiling, and knows that there is nothing to fear.

Inner critic: you have failed before and you will fail again now.
Inner coach: though you have failed befored there is no guarantee you’ll fail again now. In fact, you have several examples of awsome successes.

Inner critic: “Will you be able to get it up? Is your girlfriend going to be sad again? Will she break up with you?”
Inner coach: “You are able to get it up. Your girlfriend is patient and loves you. Trust in yourself. I trust you.”

Mt Inner coach is my own voice, but I imagine blue or green when I think about him. My Inner critic is red.

My coach is someone who believes in me an lines all external factors to suit myself. He tells the inner critic what he’s thinking has no evidence or grounds.