What is your inner coach like?

My inner coach is the voice of my best male friend . I spend so much time being intimidated by other men , i’ve forgotten what brotherly love is even like …. My inner critic is worried at first, a chicken little type that wants to hide . if I don’t do what it says , it grows into something monstrous that threatens me , telling me i’m weak and pathetic .


My inner critic is all of the negative thoughts and feelings I carry with me. He looks just like me, he speaks how I speak, but he only knows how to express negativity. He always wants to be heard.

My inner coach is an optimist, and fully supports me. He also looks and sounds just like me, but he wears a cap and a whistle. He is not afraid to blow his whistle when my inner critic is out of line. My inner coach only wants to remind me of all the good work I have done, am currently doing, and will continue to do. He believes in me, and wants me to believe in myself.

Inner coach is the new me after depression who is kinder and less anxious. More rational and logical.

My inner cricket is tired

My inner critic tells me I won’t get hard and that I will go soft halfway through.
My inner coach gently tells me in a kind voice that I’ll be ok, that it will happen as it’s happened before. Give it time and don’t worry and you will get hard again.

My inner critic brings up feelings of anxiety from recent experiences. My inner coach re-affirms that I’ve had sex successfully many times in the past and this is a temporary issue we will get over.

My inner critic felt like an over thinker and worries due to part circumstances. It kept saying what if this and why does it keep happening. My coach was Matthew McConaughey playing pickle ball with my inner critic just telling me to relax enjoy life slow down stop thinking about the future and my partner will be there forever and we are going to have a long happy life.

I imagined them as 2 football fans arguing. The critic as the miserable bastard who thinks his team are beaten before a ball is kicked. The coach has no time for his bellyaching and tells him to F off and stop being a miserable bastard. The coach then sings encouragement in the form of slightly obscene football chants

My inner critic doesn’t have a form or a voice as such, instead it just showed me a recent bad experience.
My inner coach is me, but an unusually confident version of me. It reminded me of all of the good experiences I’ve had and how they outweigh the bad ones.
I’m glad it was me, hopefully I can channel that energy

My inner coach showed my inner critic the evidence of years and years of sexual success, the number of times I have MORE THAN satisfied my wife, how I could outlast her, how incredible I made her feel. The critic said “but that was before, he’s broken now, he can’t do it” and my coach hit back with, “he never had any problems until you showed up. He’s not the problem, you are” felt like a mic drop. Going to hang on to that one for sure!!

The inner critic takes the form of an annoying cartoon squirrel and says “you won’t be able to get it up; freak out about it!” The inner coach takes the form of an indistinct man who I know and who cares for me, and says “you’ve done it (stayed hard and had awesome sex) before, and you’ll do it again”

A helpful friend with his arm around my shoulders cheering me on

My inner coach is me at my most confident, shutting down the inner critic with logic and wit. It will take some practice but this seems like a good exercise to quiet the inner critic.

The critic says that I can’t do it. The coach, quite rightly, points out I’ve done it before, hence I can do it again. It’s just a temporary obstacle, that’s all.

My inner critic is myself from a few years ago working overnights, pale and thin and unhappy. He reminds me of failures and tells me to be ashamed of them.

My inner coach is my idealized self who is respected by my friends and peers and loved by my family. He reminds me of my successes and wants me to embody them.

my inner critic said that I wouldn’t be able to get or stay hard for the next time I have sex. When my inner coach came in, he said that I would be able to have sex and that I’ve done it before so it wouldn’t be an issue for me.

Looks like me but suave and standing next to me. “Im doing this for me, no time better than the present”

Mt inner critic is a shapeshifter, who takes on the look of whoever I think is criticising me in that moment - during sex it’s my partner. I know this sounds strange, but my it’s my mother as an angel that cheerleads me, and takes command of the critic. My mother, for reference, passed away, so shouldn’t cause any issues I hope!

A tough guy to please