What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 1)

My inner critic says " oh what if your foreskin gets peeled back while being inside? " " that might get rough " . My inner critic verbalizes my fears.

Always brings up the reality that I’ll probably no doubt lose an erection or whether I’ll even be able to get one in the first instance.

Am I going to relax enough to enjoy it or will I just feel an anxious mess. A constant round about feeling that lasts hours if not days.

Worry about not getting hard

My inner critic is afraid of failure

He’s my scared voice in the back of my mind.

My inner critic Thinks up the bad situation Everytime

A quiet whisper promising a negative outcome and the shame it brings

My inner critic is just myself. I imagine it being similar to myself, sounding like myself. It is this nagging voice inside my head, constantly putting myself down and giving myself negative thoughts. it is there in day to day life but becomes more present in the lead up to and during sex. it gives me negative thoughts like youre notgoing to get hard enough or be able to keep it up, this isnt going to happen and youre embarrasing yourself. With these negative thoughts the inevitable happens. However the voice still continues to dig away then saying things like youre not a man or this girl will leave you because of this which just adds salt to the wound. after the experience the situation then replays in my head and the voices continues for hours and in some cases a couple days after and thenthey die down until the next sexual opportunity occurs and then the voice starts again and the performance anxiety increases.

“Here we go again. This isn’t going to work. It hasn’t in the past what makes this time so different? Nothing”

My inner critic is me fighting with me… i ll be like i ll perform great tonight and suddenly my mind goes i wont make it. It s a continues battle. Until i get to the fact where reality hits again and again.

My inner critic unfortunately is myself when I overthink with somewhat of a pessimistic viewpoint

Just very demanding and always reminding me of past failed experiences

My inner critic is a version of me that often looks at me as less of man and says that I can’t even get an errection or do the bare minimum. It will often say things like why bother and is inside my head .

It comes in my every day life to blow things out of porption at times at work and stresses me out too much , beyond usefulness at times

My inner critic is more like a worm in my head, sometimes it makes me so anxious that my legs uncontrollably shake.

A year or so ago, I was falsely accused by a partner that I had separated from.

We both struggled mentally and I was drained after being with her (trying to fix her) for so long. This was towards the end of the relationship. Only after I found out I’d been painted in such a way, which hurt considerably since at the time I was still happy to say I loved her even then.

After a few months (a long time if I’m honest) I somehow realised that I’d not even thought about sex at all, which was very unusual.

It took me until just a short time ago to find in myself why. I simply am fearful of sex now.

I’ve gotten slightly better at being able to maintain my cool but only after the first few failed attempts, spanning over days even. But I got there a couple of times recently.

In my head it’s always “be careful not to lose it, you worked so hard to get it” or “imagine not getting it up for this beautiful girl”.

After that everything goes numb and my body enters a shock state, flight I suppose.

My inner critic was letting me get hard and it will remind me it’s goes a little limp every time I’m on my back it’s trying to tell me don’t go into an awkward situation and holding me back awkward situation and holding me back

It’s an anxious version of myself that „reminds“ me of the fear and awareness when things don’t play out as I want them.

It starts hours before the actual sex, but becomes very present when laying down in the bed and the action begins.

My inner critic is insidr my head, worry that someone wont like sex with me, which i internalize and im turns makes me soft


Hard to focus on first try

My inner critic is a childlike version of me. Young in age with a lighter voice telling my the same words over and over again. “You’re going to lose your erection” and then it manifests