What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 1)

My inner critic is telling me that I’m going to finish very soon and I’m fighting back saying I’m not, but I never win.So frustrating.

It will be fatalistic reminding me that there will not be sufficient stimulation or the wrong kind of stimulation to get me hard. It may also simply tell me it’s not going to work again no matter how bad I want it to and how much I want to please her. It tells me to give up and that there is no point

My inner critic is an exact copy of me. Wearing the same outfit I had on that day, being sarcastic. Like “cmon bro, really? You’re always horny and you can’t get it up when it counts??”

My inner critic feels like my last partner making me feel small for not having the same sex drive as her

My inner critic is my like my own voice in my head more like being supportive and positive and reinforcimg that I will enjoy sex

Overarching power that I cannot escape

My inner critic tells me I’m not good enough and that I’m going to embarrass Muslims

It’s just me saying to myself: it’s not gonna work, once again. Find an excuse to say. That’s so disappointing.

A little boy living in my chest

It’s a personification of me telling me I’m failing and/or stupid.

My inner critic is pervasive, negative and unrelenting. He is convinced - and convincing - that bad sexual experiences are inevitable

I had several inner critics. They kept speaking to me through absolutes with all their statements overlapping. Saying things like “you’re never gonna get it up” or “never gonna keep it up,” “why bother when you know you won’t please ‘em,” “you know you’re not gonna succeed,” “REALLY?! WITH THAT D*CK?! HAHAHAHAHA. Dude, start growing or start giving up, or better yet, get a strap on. Hahahaha!” It was like a sex-drive killing soundscape.

It’s a voice of constant anxiety I’ll be in the mood but one thought comes in and then I’ll lose my erection. This thought could be as simple as what will I eat later or as critical as your not going to work

Its saying that i will not perform good and that i’ll stay soft again

The word inadequate sums up my problem, ED caused by intense anxiety during foreplay. It’s really hit or miss, but I think preventing me from moving up. Feel like I have no choice, never really a voice until afterwards. Just a sensation, I just can’t understand it

I really don’t know

My inner critic is a woman who is judging me for not being confident or manly enough while also mentioning how strong and virile every other man is

It’s really my own voice not allowing me to be in the moment…not allowing me to enjoy what is about to take place. It’s a sneaky voice. Just keeps on telling me what won’t happen or make me think about what won’t happen.

My inner critic makes me think I will be a dissapointment to the other person

Not sure