What does your inner critic sound like? (Part 1)

It is exactly like my most cynical self.
He speaks in my voice, uses my face, and sees only my fears. He lives in my mind, and pretends to care. When he speaks, he speaks in a tone that reassures even as he undermines me. “It’s happening now”, or “you know what’s coming. Pretend you’re alright with it. Don’t let her see that it hurts”….

My inner critic kind of pushes me away from her as it try’s to protect me from embarrassment things like masturbating while she’s away or not looking to get harder but it’s hard to distinguish between me and my critic

I’m not hard enough and it’s going to go down.

I can’t say it has a voice. I get caught up in the mind set that I have to get my partner off that they have to cum and it makes me anxious an I can’t get into the moment

My IC tells me that sex is bad, wrong, scary, devoid of spirituality and will lead to pain, embarrassment, and rejection.

It tells me how I’m not going to show up when it’s time and that she is going to be disappointed again with our sex.

My inner critic is like a nagging from within me. It’s telling me that the other person is expecting something from me and that if I don’t perform now everything will be ruined. The more I try to ignore the nag the louder it yells.

My inner critic is like a childhood bully in my head - “what makes you think this time will be any different”.

i think my inner critic is very established in my mind, so i don‘t recognise him. when i‘m in an intimate situation that has the potential and right circumstances to lead to sex (enough time and privacy), it ocurrres to me that sex is possible now, and that my partner might expect it. worst is when she shows or tells me she wants sex. then i get really nervous and have a sympathetic system like reagtion (sweat, high heart rate, accelerated breathing). It starts very lowkey, but from the moment of this reaction by my body, I know for sure i won‘t get an erection.
so i suppose my inner critic awakes in intimate situations and says: you have to be able to get an erection now, to satisfy her. you have to get horny and hard.

Not really a voice, but an awareness of knowledge. It reminds me about past failures and intentionally brings up my patterns. It insists that I believe that I must be receiving active physical stimulation in order to stay hard.

My inner critic is a voice in my head, it’s just my voice. It is active at various points in the day, but particularly when I’m with a girl. I was naked with a girl last night and I was very hesitant and awkward, largely due to the fact my inner critic was commenting on how I should be doing X and this isn’t going well. I find it hard to block this inner critic out.

He’s my voice in my head that tells me I’m fat, my penis is too small and brings down my confidence

It is like a version of me sitting on my shoulder or just a negative voice inside my head telling me that I need to make sure I get it up, or keep it it hard. Also reminding me to make sure my wife enjoys herself and orgasms. It puts pressure on me to perform well and last a long time to make aure these things happen.

There’s a hot woman who really thinks you’re sexy and wants to please you, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. What’s going on??

My inner critic has me thinking about why is taking so long to get hard? I hope I don’t go soft. It’s just thoughts not so much of a voice.

My inner critic is myself, observing everything , talkin out every action. Feels like I’m bein watched

I can’t get up. I can’t have a baby. My wife will leave if I don’t get it together. You can’t keep your dick up for a long time.

My inner voice is just a little phantom of me. I’m yelling at myself, “Get hard, get hard, get hard!” When my partner and I were just kissing or giving oral, everything felt natural. But once it’s time to penetrate, I keep shouting at myself. It’s like I can’t fathom the thought of getting hard in that moment anymore, and I’m mad at myself for building up to this moment but not being able to finish it. I’m desperate, it feels.

My inner Critic was incredibly pessimistic, like thinking it was going to go wrong before anything has actually happened.

It’s the voice in my head that constantly tells me there is something wrong with me, I won’t get hard, even if I do I’ll lose it and I’m not a real man. You need to have sex but you can’t because there is something wrong with you.

Ultimately, it leads me to avoid even getting intimate, this constant fear that if I do, I won’t get/keep an erection and I’ll end up fighting with my partner.