What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

I think this is a helpful routine to get in , it can’t hurt anything and strengthening and stretching these muscles feels good

I’m not sure if I’m doing them right, but it makes sense. I’ve been lifting heavy weights and I notice now a correlation between my ED problems and my beginning that practice.

I like these, i can feel it working my pelvic floor !

I am not able to feel any movement on the reverse kegel exercise


I’m still unclear how I find out if I have a tight or weak pelvic floor muscle


very helpful. I’d like to know how to progress these

As someone who sits all day at work, often for long hours, and whose been to physical therapy in the past because of it, I know I have a great deal of muscle tightness in my lower back, weak abs, and very little lateral movement in my hips. I would guess my pelvic floor is tight and weak if that’s possible. I plan on giving these a try as often as I can to decrease the excess tightness in the muscles affecting my ability to maintain an erection.

Aren’t the reverse kegels and the deep breaths the same thing?

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New to me, not the best at keeping the tension on the pelvic floor. Hopefully that’ll come easier with time

Is the best way to know if youre doing it correctly that your balls move?

I’d like to learn about how to improve the workout program over time.

Would like to know how to improve my breathing as I’m holding my breath and breathing in and out irregularly while holding/pulsing/relaxing.

Hope it makes a difference

Stretches felt great

I am still not fully sure if I’m doing the exercises correctly or not. Some of tips and references applied but some others weren’t making too much sense. I feel as if the kegels are easier than the reverse version.

I’ve done these and I’ve felt the gooch activate, but I’ve never relaxed them. I feel super relaxed right now that I’ve actually disengaged it intentionally.

I was doing some of them for a while because of general hip issues and lower back tightness, but haven’t been as consistent lately so I need to be more diligent. I also do exercise fairly intensely frequently and I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t be lacking strength down there, but very possible suffering from tightness. Hard to know for sure though. I don’t have trouble doing the stretches deeply