Pelvic floor workout has been a lifesaver

Honestly can’t talk highly enough about pelvic floor exercises. Had a couple of wobbles over the last few months, which have never happened to me (25) before. After clarifying that these were purely psychological I turned to mojo. While the psychological stuff has been great, I’ve found the best way with getting back in touch with my body has been through the Kegel and reverse Kegel exercises. These allow me to feel like I’m activating and controlling my penis while also strengthening the actual muscles around it. Since doing them regularly for a month or two I’ve been having the strongest erections of my life. The mental confidence isn’t 100% there yet, but I’m still giving it time and not putting pressure on myself.


I can’t quite understand the Kegel reverse exercise, just started it yesterday though, maybe I need more time to study it…I sort of do not quite know if I am doing it right or not….

It can be a weird thing to pinpoint at the start. Found it easiest when sitting on the toilet with everything hanging out. Knew I’d cracked it when I could feel and see everything dropping, loosening and expanding

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I just started Mojo but when I saw the section on these exercises that really interested me. Like you said, not being there 100% mentally is ok cause you have a physical mechanism as a backup