What do you think about pelvic floor exercises?

If you’ve been doing them for ages, what’ve you noticed?

If they’re new to you, what else would you like to know?

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It seems like a legit thing, the only thing is that I would like you guys to give us proper tests so we can actually determine how strong is our pelvic floor. I feel that without it I won’t truly know if I have to make it more relaxed first (in case it’s tight) and how much strengthening do I really need?

I feel that it’s really important to know where I stand atm and to know what I would want to aim for. To know what is considered a strong pelvic floor. Some ways of measuring are necessary.

Okay, so we breathe, then several stretches, then holds, then pulse?

Worth a try! It certainly won’t hurt.

I’d like to know more specifically how the reverse exercises might help

In the past I had a problem needing to pee urgently but doing kegels practically cured it. My only problem is making them a habit. It definitely helps with having strong ropes as well!!

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I’m excited to get going on these exercises!

I’ve been meaning to do more PF exercises for years. Going to add them to my calendar and set reminders.

It’s a bit fun! Would be good if there was a way to measure progress or something to test it against

I’ve never targeted that part of my body during workouts before

I think they are great! In particular I really like the reverse kegels. I think for myself anyway it’s important to focus on stretching/relaxing that area just as much as strengthening that area. It will be interesting to see where it takes me in a couple months of consistent exercise.

I wasn’t expecting the pulse exercise to get me erect lol next time I’m fumbling with the condom, I’ll just do that exercise to keep myself hard

Please extend the instructions for the stretching

It’s definitely different, but it makes sense. I’m looking forward to seeing how it affects my erections

Really interesting, can definitely see the link between strength, flexibility, and erections

I think it’s an easy exercise to do daily as it requires little prep or space to do.

Still confused whether my muscles are too weak or too strong. I assume doing the stretches then these exercise will be OK.

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Seems nice, can we get reminders on our exercises or something?


Remembering to do them is the real issue