Reverse kegel already working?

Last night I did reverse kegels for the first time. This morning I woke up with an absolute rager. I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence or if the exercise helped after just one session. I don’t always wake up with an erection and when I do, they usually aren’t THAT hard. I remain hopeful.


For me the same happens with the daily pelvic floor workouts. I feel like my erections are stronger than usual after I’ve done these excersises and this applies to the Reverse Kegel too. I mean, you basically stretch and thus stimulate the muscle, even if it’s your first time. So I think blood can flow to your penis more easily, but it might be a mental thing as well. This is just my theory though. Keep it up!


I’ve had similar. The reverse kegal I actually feel mild arousal type of sensation to be honest and morning erections have been a welcome return for me.


it’s easier for me with pelvic floor workout. I do that for a week or so and I started to feel the muscles. I even felt them during last sex which was unusual but cool. As for Reverse Kegel, I’ve just done it for the first time and for now it’s more imaginery exercise than real one (I can’t feel muscles relaxing as I feel them working in pelvic floor exercises).

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Any tips on how to reverse kegel?

What has helped for me is doing a regular kegal squeeze first, then breath in and push out the area between your balls and asshole. I find works best laying down with knees up and feet closer to butt if that makes sense


For me it worked best when my legs were relaxed. The moment happens during the inhale. Really use your diaphragm to press your belly out. The pelvic floor should drop down slightly as you build up some abdominal pressure. It should be fairly mellow and not a straining type of effort.