Reverse kegels a challenge for others?

I personally struggled with the reverse kegel exercise! For normal kegels I can feel the muscle contract (similar to stopping the flow of pee mid stream) but I wasn’t able (as least I don’t think) apply the downward pressure and feel that same muscle move differently… am I doing it wrong? Any suggestions/tips?

Same problem here.

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Its a really subtle movement. Try to feel tour anus relaxing and almost pushing out like you’re trying to fart. It’s easier to do in child pose.


My wife told me this. Try taking in a deep breath. Really deep like inflating your stomach and then having that go down to your butthole. You will feel it really quick!


I had a better feeling for the reverse kegels when I was in the childs stretching pose, you can feel the expansion in your prostate area better.

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There are some really good suggestions here. it is a gentle pressure. Sometimes it is helpful doing a standard Kegals first? That feels like stopping a pee - (a pull up) - this can locate the pelvic muscles for you. Again start gently, just hold for a few seconds. Then you can try some of these suggestions for the Reverse Kegals. Don’t over do it ! Make sure you are not really pushing or straining. Breath in and relax down. It does take a bit of practice.