Pelvic Floor workout/Pulsing sensation

Hi all,
Have been working on my pelvic floor exercises and have built up to the 10x10 from I think 3 the first time I had to test. Is amazing how much I notice my PV now moving around and in different positions. I have been doing them in different positions as mentioned by a member on a different post and have noticed some new sensations recently.
I have noticed that I am getting these tingles or pulses that run from deep inside up my penis. It’s like I’m sort of cumming but not.
It feels great so not concerned but curious to see if others have had this?
Does anyone know what this is?
Could this be the start of a so called prostrate orgasm?


Just noticed this today actually, no idea what it is but it felt like if the muscle was stronger and could hold for longer I would totally just cum. :person_shrugging:


Yes I notice this. Definitely more sensation and almost a pre orgasm tingle. I’ve been doing it a while and now i can feel this as you describe and also a muscle around my genitals at the front being more active. My dick also bobs again. Very pleased with that too!

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I did notice this and my morning woods are back lol.


Thanks for you replies gents. It seems like it’s a good thing. Let’s keep enjoying the exercises.

If it did lead to cumming. That would be an experience I’d like to experience if doing the exercises in private that is.

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