Pelvic floor physical therapy

Hey guys

Has anyone ever explored pelvic floor therapy? I am 30 years old, active and healthy. I have dealt with performance anxiety for as long as I can remember. I am gay and came out when I was 20 years old and have never really been in a mutually loving relationship where emotions and crushes led the sexual dynamic. I recognize that most of my performance anxiety stems from a lack of romantic experience, plus inner critic, thankfully not guilt. This isn’t a question for just gay men this is for everyone, just providing context to my situation.

Has anyone ever explored pelvic floor physical therapy? Either for a tight pelvic floor or a weak pelvic floor. I find that at rest sometimes my penis feels cold or tense. I feel like the pelvic anatomy / musculature could use some massage or strengthening, in addition to the psychotherapy that mojo offers. I feel that the inner critic, performance anxiety, directly affects the pelvic floor tension, which cycles back to the inner critic etc. it’s a feedback loop.

Curious to know if anyone has explored this type of physical therapy as it relates to weak or lazy erections and inconsistent libido.


Hi there. This is something I am really interested to hear about also and also struggle with. Unfortunately, I have a desk job, and because of all the sitting, I feel this has contributed to a weak pelvis, and as you have alluded to contributing to the difficulties of getting and maintaining an erection. I am trying to find ways to not sit so much (standing desk etc) but I also feel some physical therapy would be beneficial.

Keen to hear what others experience has been.


Hey there, if you check out the success stories you’ll see that some members have had success with pelvic floor exercises. Mojo provides them in around phase 3 of your program!