To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

It depends on how horny I am, but i do enjoy fantasizing with someone before we hook up. about what i’ll do to them and vice versa. when alone, if im horny, i’ll fantasize to jerk off

Not at all part right now. I have no imagination. I will be practicing to improve that

I don’t have much of an imagination so working on that.

I don’t really have fantasies. But I do love :dog2: unfortunately my partner doesn’t,so I know that a sexy but and :dog2: makes me go nuts

My wife and I share fantasies with each other. It gets us both excited and turned on!

Fantasies are not… i just see my partner as what she is and sometimes very rarely, i cant get in the mood… fantasizing about how we can play may help

Love this idea!

We haven’t talked about them before. Its not that its off the table or anything, it’s just that because of the psychological ED thing, its hard to talk about fantasies when we’re nervous that they’ll never happen due to not keeping it up. But that’ll change the more I work through this course and feel myself get more confident in bed

I was ashamed of fantasizing for a long time, which I think made me do it more. I just ended up hungrier for it. I want to accept fantasizing as a natural part of who I am and is nothing to feel ashamed about.

Sometimes I have them when I am alone in bed. I like to masturbate to them. They are usually about one specific girl I used to know. She was very bright, smart and confident.

I would like to utilize my sexual fantasies more in my sexual relationships and find myself in relationships with people who are mature enough to share their’s as well.

I want to start fantasizing more during the day to peak my arousal on a regular basis

some of my fantasies are darker than i would like to admit. i enjoy them but will not share them or do them in real life. i’m worried becoming too focused on them will desensitise me to conventional sex. Part of my problem is that I’ve been spoiled by internet porn so i find it harder to turn on for normal people and real situations.

I think my problem is that from an early age (14) I got really into masturbation and fantasy and by the time I had sexual experiences with other people I found I couldn’t come unless I was touching myself. After I got married I did eventually manage to come during sex but it meant doing things in a particular way and in the long term it was very damaging to my marriage because the sex ended up very focused on making me come more than anything else. I didn’t fantasise during sex but I think the problem is that - it’s hard admitting this even anonymously - I find fantasy and masturbation more enjoyable than I do sex. Sex is emotionally very nice, and early on there was that ‘woah I’m actually having sexy times with a woman!’ thing, but in terms of intensity and sexual release then fantasy and masturbation is where it’s at for me, and I know no sexual experience is likely to be as good as fantasy for me. I know that’s sad but it’s the way it is.

When I started MOJO I stopped using much porn but found that my Ed just got worse. I glad I can add some of it back in

Watching porn I feel has a lot of fantasy for me. I imagine that I am with her or watching her

I like my power fantasy where I am built up and take a woman from behind. She is dominated and gasping as she surrenders. I might change the fantasy to include meeting someone beautiful, establishing a relationship with her, sensing her request for a kiss. The build up is what I would like to develop more

They are just starting to become a topic of discussion. I have felt for years that it was cheating or not being in the moment. I’ve changed my thoughts on this and have met a partner that is more sexually open than I’ve been int he past. They are bringing me to next level comfort and fun!

Fantasies have been a big part of my life because all my life until the last 6 months I’ve never had any consistent sex. So, essentially everything was fantasy. I wish I could change my confidence with being more upfront with my partner about some more approachable fantasies. But maybe I need to give it more time

Less fantasies about porn I’ve seen in the past and more from personal experiences.