To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

What, if anything, would you want to change?

I’m bisexual and haven’t told my partner. At some point I need to let her know about those fantasies and it scares me. I’ve told two previous partners and it really ended the relationship. So I’m…nervous.

Ive shared a bit before with my partner and she stopped me from sharing anymore in the past. Haven’t shared since.

I fantasize seeing girls all the time. Mostly I am in fear of them at gym. I don’t think they’d be interested esp the hot ones. But I try to work out close to them. When they leave I feel rejected and a pissy not saying anything g. I think I’ll speak up more. It’ll add to the fantasy bank. Right now it’s a rejection fantasy hard to get. I’ll want to add to it the things we’d do to each other. I used to love chat rooms as a kid in high school. I love dirty talk and showing interest. Fu k yeah

I’m horribly and cripplingly addicted to one fantasy and don’t function sexually without thinking about it.

I feel dependent on a specific fantasy and want to develop health bank of them

We are fairly open to sharing and fulfilling our fantasies. We are currently in a polyamorous relationship (wife has a boyfriend) and are ethically non monogamous so not much is taboo.

None really at the moment but I am keen to try and discuss with my partner

I often think about sleeping with other women and look at other women often, but I have no desire for those thoughts or feelings to materialize into anything beyond fantasy in the bedroom with my partner

I had lots of sex fantasies when I was younger, but with the avalability of porn, it was easier to just use it. Now I want to go back to fantasies, seem much healthier

A decent amount but I would like to make them healthier, stronger and more confidence-inducing. I know if I can develop them and bring them to life my arousal will be boosted, and I will feel more pleasure and enjoyment in sexual environments.

I’ve felt pretty reliant on two fantasies that I’m not particularly ashamed of but I’ve had a partner make me feel bad about them. I don’t want to necessarily be reliant on these two fantasies because of their low probability of happening but this has made me feel better about them. I don’t need them to happen and they can stay in my mind. It’s my mind after all I control what goes on in there and I don’t need to feel bad about that at all.

Hadn’t really been part of my life before this, but I think I’ll work on them

I am a very kind person but enjoy being dominant & rough in bed. Since the two worlds seem different, I can’t clearly communicate my desires easily with my partners.

I sometimes fantasise when im having sex with someone, to make it spicier. Sometimes it works and turns me on more, sometimes it doesn’t.

I feel like I am stuck with only one fantasy and it doesn’t satisfy my partner or doesn’t look good in long term.

Not a big part, I’ve shared some sexual fantasies with my wife, but I’m definitely shy about sharing them.

They’re not at the moment, as I don’t have much of an imagination, especially in the moment. But directing them ahead of time and withdrawing them in the moment is definitely something I’m going to try… just one less thing to stress about knowing I have something on hand to get back in the moment

I find it hard to fantasise while face to face. Also when I fantasise about my partner I’m hard as a rock but when she’s there in front of me I have trouble. More so when she’s facing me. I don’t think it’s lack of sexy thoughts that’s my problem it’s the expectation and pressure to perform in the moment

Do find it difficult to talk about sexual fantasies in fear of being judged. Should do it more and open up.