Share this with your partner?

Does anyone share what they’re doing here with your significant other? I feel like I want to share ( I’m a notorious under sharer like most men ) because I want her to know I’m taking my problem seriously. But the other part is just like, na dude, you wouldn’t discuss every little break through in therapy right?


I recommend sharing with your partner if they are the understanding compassionate type for sure. For me, it’s been very helpful, it takes a lot of pressure off me which raises my anxiety a lot.

She’d probably like to know. I would be excited about it when telling her because girls like a man passionate about things, but I would be careful not to go on a rant or over share.

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I’ve just started with Mojo and decided to share with her the most of it. Of course, there might be some things I’d keep to myself, in the end a bif portion of it is psychotherapy and not all said to be revealed. I shared with her thus new exercise of playing and self observing of soft penis, we both found that strange, funny, but we bith understand the meaning of it. Her support means the world to me.

I shared with my new woman about my mental blocks and that I’m working through it after coming up limp during our first attempt.

I also shared that I’m looking for the whole package in this relationship. Emotional connection, deep conversations, to have that deep connected passion filed sex life.

She received it very well and is in full support of working through it with me. That, to me, is a high value woman!