To what extent are sexual fantasies part of your life and relationships?

If there’s a hot girl at the gym, I’m horny thinking about a fantasy for the 15 minute trip home but forget about it while at home. I need to work on my memory. I’m single at the moment.

I use old nudes and text threads from previous hookups to get me aroused. It makes me feel desired and is a huge boost to my arousal. Moving forward, I’d like to explore more with some porn, erotic literature, and overall expanding my ability to fantasize.

I fantasize so much that I have to turn the lights off in real sex, so I can focus on fantasy to enjoy sex

During my last relationship I didn’t share my fantasies by fear of being judged because she was a bit shy/prude

I tried fantasizing during sex and it’s absolute fantastic at the right moments!
Gets me rock hard.

Lately more. Sharing them excites me but at some points I feel like I’ve shared too much

Partner is very open to them. Have been introducing more role play.

I have never shared fantasies with my partner. I would certainly never share any that involve other women, as she is terribly insecure and extremely jealous.

Me and my partner are long distance so imagination and fantasies have helped keep me going during the times we can’t see eachother

I think it would be nice to feel like my fantasies would be accepted by my partner because then I would feel less ashamed of them.

I’ve often found that when I have something sexual that is really driving me while alone but I fear my partner rejecting it as being “too weird” that if I say to the partner, “ wow you wouldn’t believe this sex dream I had last night” often they won’t freak out and it is a good way to safely begin a conversation on this topic or related things/kinks.

Think I’ll branch out a bit more in my fantasy life.

While I was scared of bringing them up in two prior relationships, both times my partners were completely open to everything that I laid out (and in one case she wanted to go even farther than I was comfortable with).

There has been some fantasies explored with my current partner (my now-wife), but I haven’t felt as completely open and vulnerable as the last two. She knows about some of them, but when she asks if it’s something I need, I don’t press it to the extent that I’d like given my recent struggles with ED. Now that I’m truly making progress on that front and out sex is becoming much better/more frequent, I’ll absolutely open up to her about the things I really want.

Currently, I’ve been struggling with retroactive jealousy OCD. I’ve found that I talk about fantasies as a way to cope on insecure compulsions. I think I’ll keep them to myself as I continue to work on my improvements.

I enjoy using them to get me in the mood and help me get erect. I want to be able to share some of these fantasies with a partner, so we can engage in them.

I fantastise from time to time on my own, but I won’t share this with my partner (unless it’s about her).