If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I have tried it before but it has been hard to really get a connection with it. I tend to get distracted

I am hoping it will bring a new perspective in dealing with stress and anxiety.

I have tried mediation before but not fully committed to it. Like anything I assume it takes practice and that is what I am planning on doing

To help me with my psychological ED and better sleep (since thats on the table also)

I want to get out of my head

I’ve dabbled in meditation but at this moment I’m focused on learning meditation and using it as an effective tool to combat my ED

I’m hoping meditation will help me with my sex life and help build self confidence.

Hoping it will keep me more erect and gain back confidence

it has helped me stop negative thinking in the moment

Meditation restores me like sleep. During meditation I tend to relax and let go in my body and mind, and it helps me to slow down and gain a sense of mental stillness and clarity.

To calm me

I recently started meditating but haven’t seen any effects so far. I have to admit it feels a bit like a chore, but will keep trying because I genuinely think it could be beneficial in the long run. I just need to keep training myself and turn it into a habit

I already meditate, it helps me to be focused during the day, reducing anxiety and stress and, if I practice it by day it prevent me almost certainly from sufering insomnia.
So I’m very entusiastic to see how it may help with ED.

I would really love to let go of my worries and enjoy my life that is happening right now.

Meditation really helps me be mindful of my thought patterns

I have meditated before but not in relation to sexual performance.
I am hoping to use meditation to relax myself generally, and take that mindset into the bedroom.

I’ve never tried meditation but I’m eager to see what this course has to offer and start trying it for myself

I need to do it more often. It really does calm me and puts me at peace.

I’ve tried meditation before, and it gave me peace of mind and emotional control to some degree. The difficult bit is staying consistent, but I believe that if I keep myself aware of why I have routines like meditating, and continue to associate pleasure with progressing and pain with continuing
with my bad habits, i will change, and I will become a better person for me and for those around me

Like many folks here, I have been meditating for many years and indeed it puts me in the present but never considered it in the realm of sex