If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

Its a gift that can allow you to pause, reflect and take control.

I’ve not had good results with meditation in the past as I have been diagnosed with ADHD which makes things like mindfulness difficult, at best.

I’m hoping I can calm my mind, learn to focus and have better control of my awareness

I hope to mediate to lower my inner critic

What I’ve learned about the inner critic makes so much sense and rings true to me. I am willing to try any tool I can acquire to deal with the inner critic.

Control my anxiety

I’m hoping to change my mindset and stop ruining the moment everytime

I’m hoping it will get me past worrying about not getting an erection, and will calm my mind and body, allowing the processes that boost erections to happen as they should

Hoping to be able to ‘reset’ my mind when it’s overwhelmed with thoughts, songs sticking in my head, distractions, etc.

I have tried meditation with good mind results but no sexual difference though yet.

I want to quit spectating. I want to get out of my mind. I want to leave the last in its place. I want to get into my body. Enjoy the present. Focus on reality. And fully enjoy the shared pleasure between my partner and me.

it’s helped me focus in on the my breathing and the moment. it has also allowed to me to realize how i replay matrices thoughts over in my head instead of more positive ones which i have changed and am learning to change more often

I like the idea… I need to improve my Meditation technique

I’ve done it before, but never consistently enough or focused enough to see a real difference. I’m looking forward to a more guided, anxiety-reducing method.

Never done maditation before but hopely to sail it through successfully

My brain has always felt rushed and stressed at all times, but at some points I’ll get waves and phases of calm. I want to experience this more often so I can enjoy life and enjoy sex

I love meditation! Haven’t done much and now is the perfect time especially with ED and life stress

Hoping to reduce stress and be more present with less worry. I‘ve dealt with anxiety issues my whole life and they’ve spilled over into my sex life.

I’ve meditated for years, and it has indeed helped nearly every area of my life

I hope that it can change my negative thinking for good!