If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

How have the meditation techniques you’ve tried influenced your wellbeing or issues in the bedroom?

Meditation has helped me in two ways.

Firstly by reducing my overall levels of anxiety which has helped reduce my performance anxiety.

Secondly it has improved my ability to focus on the pleasurable sensations of sex - get out of my head/negative thoughts and get into my body :pray:


Meditation helped me start to appreciate how busy and out of control my mind was. It’s only when I started meditating and realising how hard it was, even to focus for 10 seconds, that I started to recognise my thoughts.

Now that I mediate and actually notice my thoughts, it helps me differentiate between the helpful and unhelpful comments my mind makes.

It’s the best way I have found to keep the inner critic under control.

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I’ve never tried meditation, but I can feel my mind being unusually busy and blocked before a sexual encounter.

Hoping to change that with the help of mojo

I tried meditation in one period of my life but never connected it to sex and performance anxiety. I wonder if it can be more effective in that direction if I am aware that it can help.

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I don’t know if the meditation is helping - I think time will tell on that one - but I can already tell that it has a powerful effect on me. The meditation about visualising being hard while penetrating my partner actually made me cry. It made me realise just how much I want to achieve that. I assume that’s helpful! It’s certainly powerful.


I am eager to being my journey. I have really bad performance anxiety, and this plagues my ability to get hard. As soon as I begin to experience a sexual encounter, all I do is focus on my penis and its a vicous cycle.

I have never used meditation before, but really keen to learn how to? I feel constantly stressed and worse, thinking about having sex with my partner sometimes feels frightening.

I used meditation before. And it’s really good for my mental well-being. But I never used it in the context of sex. I am looking forward to this experience, and I hope this will get my out of viscous cycle of performance anxiety.


HI, I recognise how you feel about having sex with your partner. And how frightened it can make you. I have no idea where this has come from, but it’s horrible. Haunts my thought constantly.
Good luck with it, I’m concentrating on the meditation.

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I’ve been meditating for years but never practiced it in the context of sexual wellbeing. This might help improve my meditation habits and techniques. I’m convinced it will help!

Never used it, but willing to try even for peace of mind, regardless of bedroom performance

Meditation has always been hard for me. With ADHD, I find it difficult to empty my mind and get the level of focus needed to be able to get a benefit from it. I’ll work on it with Mojo but am a little worried it might not help.

Now is the right time to exactly really learn how to meditate. Can’t wait!

I use meditation for other areas of my life, so excited to use it for my sex life.

I use meditation regularly. But like a water faucet, once I end the meditation, the flood of thoughts (inner critic) kick in. What sucks is I’m clean and sober so I can’t just have a glass of wine or a beer to sort of relax. But meditation does help me with things overall. It just doesn’t seem to help with my bedroom woes. I can’t exactly meditate right in front of my girlfriend and tell her to wait so I can calm my inner critics :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the medication has become a crutch for me but I still believe I’m in my head and it’s actually affecting the impact the medication has

I’ve not yet tried it. I’ve started meditating when I can but need that consistency to see the benefits.

Big time meditator for the past decade. Still developed these issues about 6 months ago. I am sort of out of practice right now but even when I’m in practice I don’t really understand the connection between meditation and sex

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Hey @xenial-white-orca. I hope the meditation series Mike takes you through in this Focus helps you create the connection between meditation and sex. I really hope it chimes well with your techniques and mindset and becomes something you can fold into your existing practice.

As an experienced meditator, you might have extra tips for guys who are just starting out with their practice. It would be amazing if you find the opportunity to share these on the community. but no pressure of course — you have to look after number one first!

And of course, let me know if you have any feedback or spot places we need to be more helpful.

Good luck with your progress. You’ve got all the tools and I’m so glad you’re giving Mojo a try :raised_hands: