Performance anxiety

how do you guys get over performance anxiety? every time I’m about to take part in any sexual activity with my girlfriend I tend to get nervous which causes me to not get an erection. I’m pretty much losing my mind right now because I don’t know how to get out of my head. I’m 19 years old N I’m pretty much considering viagra because I don’t know what else to do. I’m even more nervous about taking that because I’m not sure if it’s going to work or not. does anyone have any advice?


Have you spoken to your gf about the fact you are getting really nervous and you think that is getting in the way of you getting it up?

Our performance anxiety course is lead by Silva Neves. I found the box breath exercise is really good to do in the moment. Also have you ever tried mediating? Its a good one for getting out of your head and controlling your thoughts.

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Talking about it with your partner definitely helps and also not beating yourself up when it happens also helps

You’d be surprised how often this happens to men but we don’t talk about it

Try the mediations on mojo. They are not a quick fix and you need to be doing them every day really. But over time they can really help calm your mind. I’m starting to notice small differences now. I want to keep meditating for the long term now, as I hear it has wider health benefits. Meditations have given me the confidence to start having sex without taking medication beforehand . Sometimes it’s more successful than other times, but you need to start somewhere

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I am experiencing the exact same issue. New here and hopeful for a solution. Never had an issues and when it did happen caused me to completely panic. Now I relive that panic every time, trying to get out of my own head.

The key is to just relax I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve just gone through a short spell of it I spoke with my partner about it she understood what was going on and when we came to start getting to intercourse although it takes a little longer than usual it eventually happens I still get thoughts about oh no what if it happens again but I found the best thing for me was get comfortable and relax don’t try block them thoughts acknowledge them and let them pass through your head.

Exactly the same here. Worse now because trying to conceive- so certain times where it has to happen. I have managed to relax and control it in the past, but seem to have a firm barrier up at the moment. Trying later hopefully and already feeling nervous about it… trying to stay positive and have positive thoughts throughout the day and trying not to dwell on how awful it is going to feel if it doesn’t happen again.

Hey there.

If you’re experiencing some performance anxiety because you’re trying to conceive, this thread could be of interest to you.

You can chat to other guys going through something similar, and Grace from Mojo has left some helpful suggestions too.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Katherine from Mojo

Yeah I know what you mean exact same thing was happening to me when you know you’re going to do it it gives you that anxious/anxiety feeling all day! It’s bloody horrible but what really helped was the fact my partner was understanding she basically described it a demon in my head putting the block up haha she just said it takes as long as it takes no rush where in the beginning for me I just wanted it to happen fast then she would get the hump and it just makes you feel worse, now I realise it doesn’t matter how long it takes and she said the same thing I can say the last few times have been a success! Just stay positive take your time and relax!

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