Any real improvement stories?

Been struggling with performance anxiety for quite some time. It mainly occurs for me when it comes down to penetration. Has anyone experienced any real improvements from this platform or anything else? Thanks.

Thats what helped me after really freaking Out. Combination of be honest with yout Partner, then for some time 2,5 mg tadalafil daily, but in your Case as the prob is mainly Penetration guess its Not needed.

Try to agree on Just Petting before so you can Just relax and dont panic about what might Happen… And a cock ring might be very handy… Your Willy will stay Up even If you Freak Out for some time… so you can relax more


Yes! This platform has helped me solve my issue pretty much 100%. I can’t recommend this enough. I did the performance anxiety course along with a few meditation courses (pick whatever fits your issue best) and the counseling podcast (again, pick whatever fits you best). In your daily life, try breathing exercises when you get stressed and just realize this is all normal and you’re going to get through it. Another important piece was speaking with my partner and just being straightforward that this is something you are going through but it’s not permanent and that it’s not uncommon. Don’t rush things and don’t try again until you feel comfortable. The first time I tried after “completing” this training I couldn’t do it! But I went into the bathroom and said to myself it was going to be ok. And guess what? I went out and it was. This was two weeks ago and I have had zero issues since. But if I ever do again I will just do the same thing. Just keep everything in context! Sorry for the long reply but I really want to encourage people - this program really changed my life.


Every one of us has a similar but not exactly the same problem. One reader suggested a cock ring, Let me share a true story. I am age 76 and had recently a few failures to get it up. The the performance anxiety started. I had morning wood and a decent erection during fore play but once penetration erection was going soft

There is a product called Eddie by Giddy. Expensive yes
Well I tried it for the first time last night. My wife thought she was getting it from a 19 year old. I honestly had the biggest hard on ever. We had to interrupt for more lube

I am not a salesman for this
For me it works. Can’t wait to try again but wife needs a couple days to recover,

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Tried last night on numerous occasions with a ring. Can get and maintain an erection but still become extremely nervous when it comes to penetrating. Although, this time would still be considered an improvement as this time I was able to enter a few times but not maintain. It’s difficult for me to deal with as I practice almost everyday and see such little to no improvements.

hey man, that’s still progress. give yourself credit for the courage to keep trying and going. don’t give up! keep us posted on how you are doing.


I started the course 4 weeks ago and have experienced some benefits, although there’s some way to go.

I’ve found that regular meditation has helped me to become more relaxed and focus less on negative thoughts.

The course has helped me to pinpoint some of the issues I have, like masturbating too much to porn and performance anxiety.

I’ve also learned from the course that it’s great to talk to your partner openly about the issue as well as to other people. I found it really amazing to hear other people’s stories on the zoom get-together.

Recently my partner gave me a blow job and I was able to ejaculate from the pleasure. Before that I’ve always had trouble to get hard that way or even come close to being able to ejaculate.

Just going to keep putting things in practice and I’m sure I’ll be back to having good sex with her again !

All the best with your own journey.