If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

I’ve tried meditation with mixed results. I can see the benefits and plan and keep it up. I can see it could help in many ways.

I’m hoping to be equipped with the tools to help me get out of mmly head and into the present moment. Mostly in the bedroom, but also in stressful life situations where it feels like I’m loosing control.

I’d like to master how to steer my own ship, how to alter the voice of inner critic and the gravity of its negative views and allow me to be present in the moment.

I have done meditation and mindfulness before and I really love it. I have never considered that it could positively impact my sex life and the quality of my erections.

I have not tried it yet

I am hoping it can help me center and find peace in the chaos

Helped to slow my brain down, where I tend to worry about work life and money problems.
got to the point where I was very relaxed and feeling happier

Not sure what to expect but willing to give this a good try.

Meditation made me realise how out of control my mind was and that it couldn’t just be at peace; this means that I have a wondering mind which is not in the present moment and is constantly worrying about the future. Therefore, when I mediate, I accept these wondering thoughts and try and be as present as possible.

It has, consistency is my issue.

To calm.my nerves

I’ve meditated a few times but it’s never been focused towards any one goal besides just relaxation. I’m excited to see what it can do when focused more.

Meditation is great but the Constant of journal writing has really been key.

To slow down my thoughts clear my mind of noise

It helped me to calm my mind, worry less, and get my body out of a stressed fight-or-flight state

Meditation has always been really helpful for me when I’m in parts of my life with stress and anxiety. It’s been a consonantally helpful tool to keep good mental health.

I have tried meditation before, but have never had the discipline to structure it into my life on a regular basis.

However, on the occasions that I have tried it (using some of the meditations tracks within Mojo and in the Calm app) I’ve mostly felt calmer, more together and at peace with myself afterwards. I also think it’s extremely hard to argue with the science and research behind meditation and the effects it has on you. I’m determined to make this a regular part of my life.

meditation has helped me calm my breathing and feel more relaxed/present.
i am hoping i find some more helpful ways to meditate to continue to gain control of my thoughts.

More thoughtful response to inner critic

I’ve tried meditation some, but have never really committed to it. It does lower my heart rate a bit and make me breathe slower. But I find that my thoughts wander so much during the meditation and I have a hard time focusing on the guided part.

Meditation helped me to overcome my anxiety in a variety of parts of my life I hope it can help me with my sexual worries as well.