If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

Everywhere I look I see people talking about the scientific evidence that meditation is incredibly good for us. I’ve heard from friends, therapists, social media, my own research, and now from mojo. I’ve tried to get into the practice of meditation for a while now but I’ve never been able to get it to stick. With so many different resources talking about the benefits of meditation, I really want to give it another try. Another important thing I’ve heard is that it takes consistent practice of meditation over a few weeks to really get the benefits, so don’t give up if it doesn’t seem like it’s working right away.

I’ve never tried it. Okay I lied I have. Sometimes I fall asleep. It’s really hard for me to keep a practice of meditation up.

I’ve meditated before but never considered it in a sexual context.

“I’ve just started it and I’m going in with a positive attitude, my few meditation sessions were ok, it’s difficult for me because my mind is racing so much
Especially if I know I might be intimate that evening,but I’m not going too give up , because I can’t keep up the same negative cycle .

I have never tried it before, but being able to take out those negative thoughts and focus on the real feeling is something I want so badly

It helps me to stay in the moment and realize when my thoughts are getting away from me.

Helped keep me erect.

I haven’t done any meditation but I can understand that it creates a much calmer and peaceful mind that also will be a lot stronger and able to fight back against negative thoughts and feelings and not letting them take control over you!

Not yet

Reduce anxiety and increase confidence

Meditation is very effective when approached with an open mind and practised regularly. Has worked for me before with a relationship break up but never thought about it helping with sex issues

I’m going to try

I’ve sporadically had streaks where I made a habit of meditation, and during these streaks I found myself more present, able to focus, and able to control my mind. I haven’t tried to apply this practice to the bedroom, but it seems like a promising approach.

I have anxiety and depression issues, and so I have been meditating most days separately from dealing with ED issues and it helps with anxiety a lot. I like the routine it keeps me in and I like taking 20 minutes for myself everyday to calm my mind. It has a noticeable positive impact on my mental state, and I notice that that translates to my physical state as well. I notice my heart rate declines and the physical effects of anxiety like tightness in the chest usually subside also.

so far I haven’t tried any meditations that are directly related to me trying to improve sexual performance.

Helped with inner focus

I started oracticing meditation years before my erectile dysfunction manifested itself. I tried to use it when it first started happening. Unfortunately, despite having been a great tool to improve my emotional well-being, it did not help me overcoming this issue. Nevertheless, I don‘t think it is because of meditation not working but rather because of this oroblem being a hoghly emotional topic for me. It just means that I‘m not good enough in controlling my emotional reactions as my erectile problems would require me to be.

I’ve toyed with meditation but have the same anxieties about whether I’m doing it properly or not and wondering if it is working or not for me.

I haven’t tried it yet but I hope it can help prevent me getting negative thoughts about having sex

I don’t meditate but my mind gets so caught up in not getting hard in sex and it bothers my mind throughout sex