If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

i’ve never tried meditation before but am genuinely intrigued on the performance

Just starting - so good so far

Meditation in general yes, but when it comes to staying out of my head and in the moment while having sex, it’s a bit more a hit or miss

I’m doing meditation for sometime now. I haven’t seen any significant change so far. I’m desperate to change it. And I’m in a fix. My girlfriend is about to leave me because of my ED issues. Her mental health is also going down hill because of my ED issues

Just now trying it but so far has been great

Helps me to reaffirm and assure myself rather than get bogged down by my inner critic and stray unpleasant thoughts

I have never seriously tried meditating. Putting sex aside, I struggle with anxiety daily. Not so much from a social aspect but I stress about work. I also stress about things that haven’t happened yet. My brain will be thinking 5 years down the road.

Taking Viagra whether its a half/full/quarter pill I felt wasnt authentic, but I would use it more as a false safe just incase if I overthought on the moment. But I know that I can continue to be more confident again without it if I did something about my stress level/anxiety

I have noticed that I am more calm and relaxed lately

I’ve such a busy mind that I look forward to understanding how meditation can help me — in both sex and my everyday life

I have never tried it in relation to sexual performance. However it does make me feel more in the moment and therefore I can see how it can be used to help focus on enjoying sex and not worrying about what might happen.

Meditation has helped me sort through my thoughts. I never realized how busy and on the go my mind was on the regular until I started my practice. Sexually it has helped with sorting out recent issues that have come into my home and process them instead of avoiding.

Have been very skeptical of meditation before but definitely willing to try iy mind constantly wanders during and before sex.

I have not tried it yet

Meditation has made me more calm and less reactive to what is being said or what my mind ifs saying.

I haven’t tried meditation yet but if it’s the key to being able to get out of my head (seems counterintuitive lol) then I am all in.

I’ve never tried meditation although I do have lots of intrusive thoughts that stress me out in or outside of the bedroom

I’ve never tried it

I haven’t had a partner since meditating, so I’m not sure how it’s affected me. The box breathing is a part of my meditation practice while driving if I think about the ex-girlfriend who left because I wasn’t able to get off with a condom, and then developed ED. I think revisiting the inner child meditations are great for unlocking things revolving around the need to please.

I feel like meditation calms me down, but I get bored easily and don’t meditate regularly