If you’ve tried meditation, how did it help?

Keeps me focused on what’s happening in the moment

I’ve only started meditation recently, and it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes I feel like it just makes me more sensitive to negative thoughts and stress, whereas sometimes it can help focus me and still racing thoughts. My hunch is that consistency is key - I’ve been somewhat inconsistent in my practicing

I cannot concentrate enough to meditate.

i dont do it that much

I found the first week content amazing and it’s beginning to help. I even managed penetrative sex a couple of days ago. It wasn’t perfect but I did it and so happy. I managed to stay in the moment most of the time. Regarding meditation I hope it reinforces and builds upon what I’ve already achieved. That together with more weight loss and getting my blood pressure under control will surely help. :grin:

I have been practicing meditation for a few years. I find it useful and look forward to applying it to this problem!

I don’t know how to meditate

I’m new to meditation but recently I’ve started to tap into my ‘conscious awareness’ a bit more, and the more I meditate the easier I’m finding it to tap into that. I always feel more positive, relaxed and focused after a short meditation break. I’m going to start making this a daily habit.

I have tried meditation but never really managed to establish the habit so I have to say I have never actually seen the benefit

I have tried meditation several times in the past, but it never seems to work, so I quickly lose interest and stop making it a priority. By “it never seems to work”, I mean that I have never noticed a measurable difference in my day to day stress levels. I still have high-anxiety days, often for no reason, or the meditation might work, but the day I forget to do it my mind goes off the rails again, and I feel hopeless that my brain is never going to calm down properly. I’m going to give it another try with this course, and will be optimistic that it will work (this time =])

I am so much more in control of my reactions to my emotions.

I have never tried it before but excited to see what it does for me

Huge amounts of thoughts run through my head prior to an encounter and I often find myself retreating into those thoughts during as opposed to focusing on the physical and emotional act

I have yet to try it. I am keen to see if I can switch off long enough to really immerse myself in it.

I haven’t really taken to meditation but it’s definitely something that I need to focus on to clear my mind and live in the moment.

Maybe not directly, but meditation helps me focus on the physical sensation of touch and the pleasure from skin to skin contact. I can’t say how much it effects ed, but I think it makes the negative thoughts about it less intense and easier to let go

Helped to get out of my head and into my body!

I don’t know yet. Haven’t tried it.

Having control over my mind will help me flow my attention to where I want it to go, where attention goes energy flows

Never done much meditation on my own. Very willing to try!