Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

I hear a voice in my head saying you’ll never have the best sex if you can’t last more than a minute. She won’t have fun with you.

All I hear in my voice is you can’t satisfy her because you can’t last long enough to satisfy her. The crazy thing is we go for 10+ minutes at a time and I still almost always finish first. There is more to this for me but at this point my critic gets real nasty.

My inner voice just instructs me on what to do next to make sure shes having a good time and stays excited. Its always worried we are not doing good enough.

My inner voice tells me that I can’t satisfy my wife and that I won’t last long enough to give her what she needs. The more I listen, the worse it gets

“What’s the point in starting this? It’ll be over too quickly and she’ll just be disappointed”
My voice is a dick!

She’s probably disappointed to have sex with me

My voice is a warning. Telling me to be aware of what im doing and what can go wrong. I feel the voice is trying to help but is instead filling me with doubt and distractions.

My voice is my own, in a disappointed tone letting me know I won’t be able to make her climax because I’ll finish too quickly, and the judgment that I’m not masculine enough

My voice tells me sex will never be the way it was. What’s the point of trying to last longer, she’s not enjoying it. You shouldn’t have even asked to have sex what a waste of time.

My voice tells me you’re too old to make her cum. This is how it is now. My voice is resigned to this fate. It is fatalistic. Not optimistic.

my inner voice says hello

My own voice, telling me to slow down, think of something else which leads to the only thing im thinking about is cumin

It told me to not think about certain body parts on her or you’ll finish. And to focus elsewhere

My own voice. Don’t fuck this up or she won’t stick around. Almost like I have to perform like a pornstar to be worthy of love.

I hear my own voice telling me that if I cum quickly then she’ll leave and mock me. That I’m not worthy of love if I cum fast

My own voice. Primarily concerned about being judged as bad by others, and punished for it. Not just in sex but performance overall. Sex just brings it to the surface significantly.

My own voice. I know she loves me but I want to make sure she has great sex and all I focus on is not cumming. I just want her to have the best experience.

It’s my own voice, when I picture who that voice belongs to it’s hard not to imagine a reflection of myself. A little cliche but it’s also very on the nose.

I feel like I’m talking to the expectations that I’ve set in my mind, it doesn’t necessarily have a look, but a sound, it’s a very dull voice, like it’s giving me instructions

My voice is a little worm with my ex-wife’s face making me feel undesirable and ugly. Not fit or tall enough. Too smelly and telling me I’m a dog for wanting to have sex in the first place.