Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

She just wishes we could have sex without having to stop

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My inner critic is me. The perfect version of me telling me how inadequate I am. Laughing at me, because it knows I will only fail again.
It tells me that I am not in control.


Feels I am not good enough to please my Wife unless Im pretty drunk. Don’t even try for fear of finishing early and leaving her disappointed

It’s me saying that I’m not a man enough to make my wife cumpleaños, and that I don’t last long enough, I don’t know how to treat her and that I’m anxious and rough

I hear it saying that I won’t last long enough for it to be enjoyable for her or I don’t know what I’m doing and she’s just laughing at me.

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My inner critic is just the same voice I hear in my head every day that observes my outward environment. During sex, it says the ill be a disappointment for finishing early, not being able to stay hard enough for the next moments, therefore leaving her unsatisfied.


I hear that voice in my head that’s like if I don’t slow down and make things last longer she won’t love me as much or be satisfied. It’s a strong weight over top of me.


It tells me I’m going to finish too quickly to enjoy it and leave myself feeling disappointed.

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It only brings up the difficult times and not the positive moments where things were really good or she was equally pleasured. It compares you to the hypothetical and makes you question if you’re just not good enough.

My inner critic is more silent and in the back of my head as a feeling of uncertainty. Bad memories come back and I lose confidence. My confidence starts to feel fake would be a better description. When sex begins its more like my inner critic shuts down my emotions and sensations from the neck down and I don’t feel like I am fully in my body anymore and more in my head and concerned about that.

Mine is her expectation, feeling disappointed

My inner critic is not major but can sometimes be a niggling presence. It’s often a concern that I won’t stay hard for long enough and/or I will come before she is fully satisfied. However I know sometimes I can have sex and the critic isn’t there :slight_smile:

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my inner critic is something that is just small enough where I don’t see them as a major threat, but attacks my logic with small points that make me crumble. I’m still a virgin and am going to lose my virginity in the next few months with my girlfriend, I’m just scared that I won’t be good enough for her.

My inner critic is a mix of me and people around me plus my first family, growing up in an asian household, it is a culture of high external validation and judgement and thats what my inner critic has become, the voice of people around me judging and not validating me, so yeah pretty negative sometimes.

My inner critic is coming out more recently, as my recent girlfriend is complex and sometimes I can make her cum (but always cum at the same time) and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes my inner critic doesn’t even appear but sometimes it does if I feel like there’s pressure and she wants sex. When it does appear it tells me that I can’t go past the point where she’s close to cumming and just enjoy her without needing to cum, then I get really aroused and need to slow down and then it comes out and tells me silently I’m not good enough to keep going.

To think I will cum too soon or not make her cum

A silent voice that’s always there with any thoughts of sex. No body, just a voice. It doesn’t whisper. It doesn’t yell. I tells me that I won’t last long. It reminds me that everything I’ve tried before hasn’t worked. It confirms that I won’t be able to satisfy her.


My inner critic feels like my most vulnerable self, standing behind me talking in my ear. It’s telling me not to cum too fast, asking me if she is enjoying it, questioning what things could go wrong. In a way, it’s looking out for me. But it mostly feels like it is consuming my headspace and taking away from the moment. It makes me feel anxious and out of touch


My inner critic always doubting myself. Deep down knowing I won’t last and can’t control its. Trying my best to not think about it and just like that the rush comes and finishes before I can’t even grasp my thoughts about it

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