Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

Mine tells me I’ll be a little wimp and a loser if I finish too quickly.

She will want to be with someone else after experiencing what I have to offer. My sexual offering is too inadequate to satisfy her. That I am not good enough.

definitely warning me i’m making mistakes

It’s me, but more calm in the moment but constantly making sure I’m doing something right or telling me i need to be better

I’m disappointing myself and her. That I’m not strong enough to stop myself from finishing

Mine is an extreme hyper awareness of everything I could do wrong, how i’d feel when I ‘inevitably’ finish quickly.

wow i just realized i’ve been in an all out war with my inner critic for what seems like my whole life!! it does come from a place of concern and protection, i’m happy now we’ve met

mine tells me i’m going to finish quickly


Protective and wanting to push for something better. Pushing out stress and pressure or there will be bad outcomes.

You’re not alone! Lets heal and love our lives a little more

I think it is me - doubting and messing up my thoughts so that I struggle to enjoy the moment

It is wiry, twitchy, weak observer sitting on my shoulder - in my ear narrating

I feel like mine amps me up and puts me down

Either super positive or extremely negative. No in between. During sex it tells me I’m not satisfying her and I won’t last long enough

It’s like a couch telling you to push through, to breath. It doesn’t feel supportive when you realize it’s trying to correct something that shouldn’t be happening.

Mine laughs at me and offers me no help

It’s anxious all the time. It makes me focus on everything going wrong and only that

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Wet judgmental when I don’t perform

It tells me that I won’t last long enough to please her fully. That this isn’t enjoyable for her because I can’t make it enjoyable anymore

It tells me all the negative things I don’t want to hear