Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

I worry about the length of time during sex a lot. I can give her head sure , but when I know deep down she wants a vibrator dick combo and I can’t last long enough for her to catch a nut with the combo it just creeps in my head everytime that the sex ur about to have isn’t what she actually wants and won’t satisfy her completely. Then he goes soft and just makes the whole experience worse. Just thinking about it gave me a sharp pain in my chest, almost scared to have it now.

My inner critic is my own voice, I believe, and it tells me that I’m getting aroused too quickly, cumming too quickly, and not satisfying my wife - making me feel inadequate.

My inner critic is my own voice. It continues to tell me that I’m not going to last and myself and my partner are just going to be disappointed again after this. I want to be consistently sexual with my partner but my inner critic holds me back everyday.

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my inner critic is myself, it’s just telling me that if i do something i’m going to cum

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My inner critic is the focus of ejaculating early not necessarily a voice

Honestly her voice took place over the “critc” that I once had heard before. With that being said, I was able to replace the negative sounding “critic” with a more upbeat and sweet sounding cheer leader who is not there to judge but there to be supportive and a motivating teacher who sees a strong, kind and masterful lover that still wants to be with me, secretly lol. Positve Mind over the negative untrue matter.

Mine is me literally shouting don’t cum, don’t you dare cum. You cannot disappoint her, be a man… on repeat until it happens

That’s probably part of your problem, you’re putting way too much stress on yourself, this is where you need to clear your mind and try and get out of that fight or flight state

Always bringing it up that I need to be lasting longer and I shouldn’t disappoint my partner

My inner critic is always saying don’t cum don’t cum , making me anxious and less likely to give it my all which then makes me look for displeasure in my wife and make me feel guilty , as the more the inner critic tells me not to cum the more I cum . It’s often situational, I’d feel still far away then one position change or something then I am 3 seconds away.

Mine’s saying “this didn’t used to be a problem, how’d you get so fucked up along the way. What happened to you”

i don’t know, it’s hard to identify a voice more like just a feeling that i’m going to cum too soon and disappoint

Mine is telling me she will never orgasm whilst having sex with me because I finish too quickly

It sounds like my voice saying:
“She’s pretending to enjoy this
She’s doing this because she pities you
You give her feelings of disgust
You’re not good enough at this to satisfy her
You’re going to finish too early and she’ll be unsatisfied / want satisfaction from somewhere else”

Mine is constantly judging me and telling me I’m not good enough and can’t last long enough.

They move from being supportive to judgemental and from catastrophising to being ridiculously optimistic!

it takes my mind off what is actually happening in front of me, losing focus and filling me with doubt in the moment. As soon as sex begins that voice is just thinking about not cumming quickly, which usually results in that exact thing happening

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“You’re not good enough. You never satisfy her. She is definitely imagining being with someone else- someone better”

He is telling me that I won’t satisfy the women, that sex will be over soon and that I am not enough of a man to have good sex

Makes me feel worthless