Guys with early climax, what's your inner critic like?

nine taunts me tells me i’m going to finish and that i’m out of control

Mine is only around after i finish. It usually just gives me a subtle dig afterwards.

Mine says that if I have sex with her I’ll finish too fast, then she won’t want to see me again. And I should just come up with reasons to not have sex.

Mine is quick to dismiss the possibility in controlling the end. It says you have no choice but to now.

Be careful, not finishing too fast ! That’s what its like

Mine says you’re gonna finish too quick and she won’t like you because she’s not satisfied

A voice in the back of my head, almost a floating head with my face.

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Mine tells me if I don’t perform she will not love me

I’m confident about sex and know I’m good but it tells me as soon as I start I’m going to come, I know if I could last I can please her

My voice tells me that no matter how good I may be it doesn’t matter if I don’t last long enough. That finishing too quickly is just another reason for her to not wanna be with me.

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My voice tells me that if she wanted it she could do better but struggles to find why she stays and that’s when I’m able to catch him. My critic looks for answers and when there isn’t one I’m able to get him to shut up.

Mine is telling me that I’m not doing enough to pleasure my wife. It also tells me I need to stop, or I’ll cum too early and disappoint my her

Tells me that I’m going to cum too early, which will be underwhelming for her, and that I won’t be able to take her bra off on first attempt which will kill the moment

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constantly tells me don’t cum early, and if i do tells me i’ve let my girlfriend down


My voice tells me that I will cum too early and that sex is going to be a disappointment for us both but mainly for her. It tells me I am less of a man for it.

You know you are going to cum straight away, why you even bothering at all. You know it’ll just end in disappointment. Even if she says she doesn’t mind and she’s telling the truth, you don’t believe her, calling yourself a disappointment, and less of a man

Mine brings up every failure from before

I’m not consciously aware of a specific voice or phrases, but I worry a lot about how quickly I’ll come, and whether I’m large enough to satisfy her. I especially dwell on her possibly comparing me to previous sexual partners, and the thought that she enjoys sex with me less than them.

It’s just a constant fear of not satisfying her as she demands to cum. My focus becomes just getting her to cum and not really thinking about much else .
If you cum she wants you to just jump back in the saddle and carry on but it’s not comfortable to do that.

It sounds like me. Tells me I’m not good enough, she’s gonna leave me if I can’t satisfy her. She’s disgusted by me and doesn’t want to go to the bedroom with me unless it’s to sleep