Apply nonviolent communication to a recent conflict

She felt jealous that I was talking to other girls. Her feeling was definitely jealousy and she needed to feel chosen in some way. I was feeling proud and resentful. I could have stated

I remember the disagreements me and my first girlfriend had and I realize now that she most likely felt confused and needed honesty which I failed to give her. I know better now to be more direct and open about what I’m thinking.

As far as conflicts, the last time I sort of had a fight with my girlfriend was during my birthday when I voiced out that I didn’t feel loved enough? We didn’t get mad with each other and she explained her side of things and what she felt. In the end, knowing how she felt made me feel like I understood her better.

I had a major fight with a new girlfriend a few weeks ago. I was stressed out and overwhelmed because of work, my brother’s Murder trial, and other small things. The issue is all of this piled up in one week.

I lashed out at my gf because she didn’t bring some pecans. I realized that I was lashing out because I felt lonely and like nobody cared about me or my problems.

I was able to vocalize this feeling to her, apologize for my actions and tell her what I needed in that moment. Things have been great since then.

Communication is something my wife and I have been working on for years in therapy. Especially for me who was programed to not ask for things or consider my needs. I thought my value was based solely on their happiness.

I’m gonna

During my first serious relationship, we both felt alone but we weren’t communicating we needed attention.

Had a great relationship with no fighting for three years. Then we fought for the first time and we didn’t know how to communicate to each other. She shut me out and I gave into her want without discussing the problem. That was the start of ED and there was a disconnect between us on my end for the rest of the relationship until I pushed her away. I was burnt out, resentful, dissapointed, disheartened, detached.

Creative arguments with the art direct at my work about photography.
Their needs were to impress the boss, and probably feeling anxious the shoot won’t turn out well.
I was scared about being fired, i didnt feel safe. I needed some time to not be rushed and support.


I’m thinking back to when my girlfriend and I were experimenting with dom/sub type play one night. I wasn’t liking it at all and ended up yelling to stop since I couldn’t stand it any longer. I guess she was feeling a need for play and curiosity and was feeling frustrated that I wasn’t into it. I was feeling insecure and overwhelmed. I guess my need was for more trust and understanding of the situation.

My partner, who was already in a polyamorous relationship started getting jealous about me possibly meeting a woman, which would have been my first foray into dating since we got together 11 years ago.

What she wanted from me was reassurance, trust, love and intimacy

In one 10/10 conflict, I felt overwhelmed and confused. I think she felt frustrated and disappointed. I needed reassurance and she needed acceptance and trust.

I didn’t express my needs and that generated lots of conflict and anger in my relationship. I’ve been going to therapy and I’m better now at identifying and expressing my feelings and needs.

I definitely used to avoid any hint of conflict and bury it deep, which would then leak out passive aggressively, or explode sometimes. Now I’m pretty good at bringing things up straight away, which is waaay better for the relationship in many ways.