What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

Kegel exercises and no fap

ED pills, but these would be used in small quantities if I have already failed to get it up or if I am drunk. This clearly isn’t a good long term solution for a physically healthy young man.
I have researched kegels and done them but I have found so much conflicting information I have left that.
NoFap reddit forums and videos have been the main form of support. I have found over lots of years that nofap leads to even more guilt and self hatred (when you eventually masterbate) so i am trying something new. When I haven’t watched porn for more than 4 weeks I do find my sex drive and performance to be better though.

I never sought help before mojo. It was something that I thought I could handle on my own which is of course not the case. This only prolonged the problem and made my performance anxiety worse.

I tried a couple of drugs. They worked until they didn’t. All it took was one time with it not working to cause enough doubt that the pills only gave me congestion. I tried physical therapy, and still think I have trouble with my pelvic floor.

mojo was the first place I actually went to. I considered buying pills for a while but never did for all the reason we know not to.

mentioned it in passing to close friends, spoke a little bit about it with my therapist, try to always talk to the girls I’m with, but with my partners I worry that I talk to much about it and wish I could just get on with it and enjoy and not have to make such a thing out of it. For a long time I just hoped it’d go away. It doesn’t always happen so in my mind I was like I don’t really need to do anything about it…I think a really big step was to admit to myself that it’s always been there in my mind whether it’s affecting me physically or not, so realising there is a problem means I can take steps to fix it.

I didn’t know of any support. I dealt with this on my own and avoided sex for years.

Youtube videos and google searchs, I found a lot of useful information, but, I spended hours of my free time reading about diseases and symtoms that I don’t have, and that compulsive behaviour can make the trouble worse.

This was my first choice- after a bit of research it felt like one of the only easily accessible online options for non pill based ed treatment

I tried reaching out to a therapist, but then chickened out. Found this advertised online one day, and figured why not.

I saw doctors and urologists, took a variety of pills and had varying degrees of success. I always wondered if there was a psychological part to it and that is what lead me to find mojo.

Just talking to my partner and explaining my issues really helped me relax. That then started the process of actually being able to consider having sex again. With their support I’ve gradually started to come back to life.

ED meds only. that said, I am so reticent to jump in bed and embarrass myself that Ive not been able to test them out. Finding mojo has at least shown me that I am not alone in some of my anxiety issues. while I thought I was unique, I am happy to say I am not

Spoke with a psychologist.
Used pills.
Pills worked but not every time…and not a viable long-term solution


Pills! They were kind of an eye opener (as a man close to 60, I hadn’t had erections that form in awhile) but then I started to realize that I was becoming dependent on them to fix a psychological issue (the pressure of dating at this age) and wanted to deal with that.

Before finding mojo, I was just reading articles and testimonials on things I could do at home. I’m afraid of starting medication since I don’t want to be reliant on it for the rest of my life and I’m only 26 years old. Although I’m still struggling, I’ll keep up with the exercises, audio therapy sessions, and meditations while also not overdoing it when it comes to masturbation and porn. I’m hoping to get back to normal soon.

yes, working progress

Nofap/semen retention, which does seem to work. I’ve tried cialis, which helps a little, but the side effects for me personally almost make it not worth it. Not something I want to rely on in any case

Other than therapy and my doctor, I have never talked about ED with anyone except my wife…