What support did you look for before finding Mojo? Did you find it helpful?

Sex therapist: some degree
Prescribed pills : nothing
Hormonal survey: lower end of the curve , then nothing offered but testo cream (no thank you, don’t want side effects)
This site , this community : brings me hope, nowadays a must !

Several therapists, who weren’t very helpful. I also joined a porn addiction recovery forum to journal about my rebooting attempts, but this was years ago. I was nice to have a community back then, and it’s the same here at Mojo.

Several therapists, who weren’t very helpful. Went to the doctor and got bloods done too, but they didn’t find anything wrong with me, so they gave me viagra (Sildenafil) which didn’t work. I also joined a porn addiction recovery forum to journal about my rebooting attempts, but this was years ago. I was nice to have a community back then, and it’s the same here at Mojo.

Tried dealing with it with a former partner but when i recently decided to look for proper help, Mojo was the first thing i found

Some weeks are good and others are bad. I find if i dont get an erection one time it sticks in my head the next time i have sex. It then spirals until i just take some boner pills and im good for a bit. But i dont want this cycle to continue. I just want a normal sex life with my partner

Pills, doctor did blood tests said everything was fine, and gave me pills, they help but it’s not good having to plan and think I might have sex in an hour or so so I’ll need a pill! I’d prefer it to just be spontaneous like it was.

Mostly reddit and no fap.

It sure did help initially but there was no structure and only anecdotal evidence, hence not only I not always believe what I was reading but I also did not always trust the process (when not seeing immediate results)

I also tried viagra and cialis which did help but only temporarily.

Talked with my doctor… and a few close friends who confided having similar issues.

I tried ED pills but realized that those were not the solution. Other than that, I really didn’t know what else was out there that could help me so it was tough to find a starting spot really. Mojo seems like a great starting place to address these problems

I talked to a sexual therapist once but had to leave it that because I couldn’t afford more sessions. Googling stuff, reading articles online…

Family doctor wasn’t much help. And your brain on porn.


I had chatted with my partner about it a bit, but nothing as extensive as they recommend in the videos.

I loved hearing from other men their experience

doctors for viagra/cialis

I have talked with my current partner and the times things have worked - things have been great so I am fortunate to have her being patient with me but we definitely take the approach of us vs. “it.” I was vulnerable and explained to her that I am taking this Mojo course and doing everything I can because I want her to know that I am attracted to her and that we will figure this out. Of all the problems we could have in our relationship I try to paint this one as somewhat humorous to minimize it (easier said than done). I tell myself that my life is great and at times I can’t get it up when I have a beautiful woman in bed with me. I could have many worse problems than this and I am grateful to be there to begin with.

I find ed pills help for confidence and I end up ditching them after a few times with a new partner. But then when I find a new partner I have to start over.

Nothing at all. Just started researching the problem and found you. I’m not into pills, potions and gadgets so this seemed the perfect solution and appears to be just right for me.

Just spread out articles, nothing put together. Did not really find a lot of value.

Before Mojo, I tried eating very healthy, losing weight (and still need to lose a few stone), taking supplements and starting to exercise. I was treating it more as a physical problem which I still think it is but the psychological ED developed from that and here I am. While I’m waiting further physical improvement Mojo is beginning to help with the psychological element.