Sudden ED during sex

I have been married for 5 years and have had an amazing sex life. Recently from the last 2-3 months, I am experiencing ED where sometimes I don’t get erection or I get it but can’t maintain it enough for sex. My partner is understanding but this is stressing me out. I am starting to have anxious thoughts before sex and have developed fear of having sex. It works fine when I watch porn and masturbate but not getting erection as I used to get earlier. Has anyone been in this situation? Any suggestions or recommendations please.

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Same situation for me, I just celebrated 10 years with my gf. Had issues for 2-3 weeks in the past but it’s been 6 or 7 years since. Now out of the blue I had a lot of issues getting (and staying) hard with my gf. Alone I have no issues of course.

After this happened for a week or 2 consistently, I started to develop anxiety towards any form of sex. I resented anything sex-related because I was afraid I’d let my partner down.

Its been 3 months since I started Mojo, and I can tell there’s been a big difference in the past month. I’m lucky my gf agrees to support me and do all the exercises with me.

My only advice to you is this: keep up with your courses, do the exercises even (and especially ) if they feel silly, and experiment with different moments / approaches to sex. The meditation sessions also seem to have helped me a ton.

For me what works best nowadays (it’s been mostly fine in the past month), is to stop planning sex like a chore on the calendar. If sex (or sexy time) can be spontaneous, then I don’t have time to worry about my erection and I get rock hard easily.

Keep up the work, believe in yourself and let the pressure off, sex is not a performance it’s an exploration!

Best of luck to you, hope this helps.


Thanks, the main reason I have joined mojo is because I want to cure this naturally rather than taking any pills which might have some side effects. I am feeling lost day by day as it’s been a persistent issue since the last 2 months. I am pretty sure it’s psychological and I get anxious when I think of sex now. Anyone else on this boat where they were able to cure this naturally without taking pills (Viagra or other supplements) and if yes how much time did it take?

I’m in a similar situation, the difference being I split with my gf after 6 years 8 months ago, now i have tried to get a gf but I keep becoming anxious about sex and can’t get an erection and it’s getting worse can’t seem to get one most of the time now with gf or on my own. This seems to have progressed negatively in the last 2 months also…