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When everything I was trying seemed to make things worse I knew it had to be something I wasn’t seeing, so here I am.


caught wife cheating on me with someone older, who is the same zodiac sign as me, whose birthday is 10 days after mine, and who is bald and retired from the military.

After talking to my partner openly about my erection and sexual issues I decided to seek extra help. I think mojo will be a great addition to therapy.

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I always get so anxious before sex, that I lose my erection. It got to the point that it was what I thought about all day, and started causing me depression. I went to a urologist, and they told me everything was fine, and just gave me some pills. I want to get my confidence back, and start having regular sex again.


Hi, Ive been having erection issues for the last two months now. I am able to get erect but most often not enough for penetration. I think the issue I have is I guess the fear of will it work or not this time before penetration. Also when it does work it does not last long and it becomes flaccid soon after. I think also because I’m quite young I wanted the issue to go away quick which builds stress on the situation. Any help to get over this would be appreciated.


I want to enjoy sex without worrying about staying hard


Lost libido during middle of lock down. Not having as much sex as I use to and even when I do I’m not really into it or enjoying it as much.Can still get erections but no where near as often. Less morning and random erections and no desire for sex or masterbation for weeks at time.Went to GP but they just said it’s usually stress but I don’t feel stressed. The only thing slightly worrying me now is my loss of sex drive and how it’s going to impact my relationship with my girlfriend.


Looking for help with delayed ejaculation

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I had a bad break up, ever since then I had problems getting it up


I began have ED issues about 9 months ago. Viagra has helped but I want to be able to not rely on it and have natural errections.


It seems that when I am with a new partner (at least the last three), my anxiety gets the better of me, and I am unable to perform. With my last long-term GF, it eventually got to where I did not need medication anymore.


I have erection issues and then when I do get it up and have sex I have premature ejaculation

I’ve been burying my head in the sand and now accept i have ED and there is something wrong with me. I’m not sure if it’s physical - but i’m seeing my GP this Monday to get checked - but i feel mentally damaged. My confidence is at an all time low, i’ve started dating a girl who i really really like and we tried sex for the first time the other night and i couldn’t perform, i just could not get it up. I made excuses and said i was tired and not done it in a while but I feel like such a failure. I’ve been thinking about getting intimate with her for ages and now i have her next to me in bed and i cant do ANYTHING. I’m so fed up. So afraid she’s going to finish with me.


wha are good supplements for P E ?

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Just need some advice to stop this forever

Helping me to reduce performance anxiety, to understand erections better

I came to Mojo after having perfectly fine sex which led to premature ejaculation and performance anxiety in a relationship 3 years ago. Since then i have anxiety about having sex and as much as i want to struggle to bring myself too do it. I had a one night stand a year ago and the same thing happened, i came to quickly. Now i have someone i could see a relationship with however having sex stresses me so much when we tried again i came instantly.

I have had a great physical relationship within my marriage. Now in. My 60s and was overweight I had a hard time maintaining an erection during sex. I now have lost the weight I needed to and am feeling better about myself. Now I want to get over ED.

I shared, it was great