Mojo made things worse?

Anyone else have the experience that using Mojo has made their erection issue worse?

I’ve had occasional issues keeping an erection for as long as I can remember. I’ve been with my wife since I was 18 years old and now I’m pushing forty. There’s been ups and downs in our sex life and there have been some erection-related lows over the years, but I did feel like I could generally trust my dick to get hard and stay hard when I needed it.
In January I had a particular low after I lost my erection during sex. I wanted to finally take this issue in hand and when I was looking for a way to understand it better, I stumbled into Mojo. At first I was hyped, and even now, I do appreciate what this app is trying to do. It’s well-rounded, a good balance of fun and introspection, and so on…. But ever since I started this, every time my wife and I have tried to have sex I’ve been stuck in my head, I’ve been anxious, and I’m miles away from getting hard. I feel like by focussing so much on this issue I’ve made it worse, and now I genuinely don’t know how to get out of this moment or whatever it is where every single fucking day I’m worried about sex, I don’t feel capable of having sex, and I pretty much feel like shit.
I’m not blaming Mojo, like I said, the app has merits. Maybe it just wasn’t good for me. Anyone else have this experience?

Yes mate in the same shoes as you, I feel your pain!

Hate to think that the app is making your issues worse. It sounds like in the moment you are hyper focused on not having an issue rather than enjoying the experience. This is common.

The paradox about performance anxiety is that you need to work hard to overcome it without focusing on it.

The exercises on the app I would focus on are meditations because training your mind to focus on what you want it to (the pleasure and sensation) is going to be key. And also the mindful masturbations that get you to notice on the sensations and be in your body.

Once you can quiet the mind and not think about what Mojo taught you about the biology and instead just the techniques to enjoy sex, you’ll be golden.

Hope that helps.


I’m feeling the same way. I noticed some short term improvement when I first downloaded the app but now I cannot stop thinking about performance anxiety 24/7. I feel worse now than I did a month and a half ago, and I’ve professed to phase 8. I know that a lot of this is in my head but I’m feeling very discouraged because I want to be seeing improvements, not feeling worse about myself

Same shoes

I am well over 70, I guess the app should contemplarte different situations and different solutions. ED is not the same at 40 than at 80. The app is not working for me.

Have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger Effect? The more you learn about something, the more you know that you don’t know and this can lead to an increase in anxiety/doubt versus someone who knows nothing.

The way to get through this is to power on and focus on the application of your newly gained knowledge and not give in to the weight of it.

I’ve only just downloaded the app but I can imagine it’ll get worse before it is better! Angus’ reply seems to make sense!


I get it, but I honestly don’t blame the app. My performance anxiety is crippling. I haven’t been able to have penetrative sex in months. Last night I couldn’t even get hard from a hand job. But I’m also learning to accept that I’m on a journey, that it’s a process, and I’ve been able to have good conversations about it with my wife. So yeah, it’s been challenging, and if it’s common to have a low point (or low points) on the way to progress, that’s definitely where I am. But I’m going to keep going, and I’ll try to be more consistent. From someone else on the journey—don’t give up.


My first experience with ED was when I was 14 years old. Think I’ve been able to successfully penetrate and have sex with a woman one and five throughout my life. I’ve been quite sexually active and have just accepted that my cock will go soft when I go to penetrate woman within minutes. I’ve taken sex drugs for a number of years now and if anything they destroyed my insides and I have other issues in my oesophagus because of them. I really don’t know what to do anymore and tell you the truth I am so over sex not because I’m not horny but because I know I will not be able to perform. And it’s the knowing and not getting over it that is the problem. I need help.

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