Is there any hope?

Im enjoying the course so far. Although i haven’t seen any actual improvement, the testimonials give me a bit of faith. I thought I’d tell my atory and see if i can get any tailored advice.
Im 44, married with 2 kids.
Growing up in my teens, i was petrified of rejection. As a result i never, just physically could never make an advance towards a girl. I’m a big guy, fully grown to 6 ft 8 by the age of 15. Obviously stand out in a crowd. The anxiety I’d get from the fear of rejection meant that my sex life didnt start till 20. First kiss and first attempt at sex on the same night. Never even looked like getting hard. Horrible. All my worst nightmares. I was at college at the time and word got out about my lack of performance.
I’ve never felt humiliation like it. Well, not at that point anyway. Several other one night stand attempts and several other failures. At 22 i met a girl and we fell hard for each other young love. Intense and fantastic. She quickly got tired of my soft penis and moved on to my flatmates. All of them actually, at once. I walked in on this. It still effects me.
Over the next couple of years, several more attempts. Some glimmers of performance. Penetration but not for long. A few blowjobs where i managed to stay the distance. I used this to find ways to pleasure a woman without penetration. Im pretty good at this, so im told. I met my wife 20 years ago and we fell for each other quickly. She had and has very little sex drive. I liked this at the beginning as there was no pressure. The conception of our kids was clinical and stressful and thankfully, we conceived first try with both. But i struggle a lot with her lack of drive now. I do have a sex drive, a very high sex drive. I just cant do anything about it. I watch porn, always have done. I struggle to climax wothout it, but am getting better at this. I chat online, (my wife knows about some of it). This was like kryptonite with me. No chance of disapointing anyone.
I take pills to get hard. They work, when masturbating but not in a real sexual situation. I struggle to get hard at all without them. Ive been taking them regularly for 5 years.
Im 44 and have not had a fully positive sexual experience in my life. My wife knows about Mojo and is very open to a sexlife if i can perform. She takes my soft penis very personaly even though I’ve explained many many times that its got nothing to do with how i feel about her. Its not her fault, its mine. I’m hoping and praying that this works.
Thanks for listening.


Hey man, seems like you’ve had a bit of bad luck with partners early in your sex life and that has really set you back – I’ve been there! I went to a Mojo connect where a few members shared a few success stories and I found that really encouraging.

Sounds like it definitely works for many people and hopeful that it works for us too!


I can relate to almost all of this! I’m 44, married and no kids. I had watched porn for almost 30 years and finally had enough…I gave it up and have felt better, but the self doubts with sex remain. No staying power, but like you I had found other ways to try and make up for it with other things I could do during sex… however, that too is lackluster. I’m hoping that by sharing our experiences like you just did helps all of us by being ok with vulnerability and that gives us strength to grow. Hang in there. This is something we all can conquer.


Hey there, Hadi from Mojo here. Thought I’d share 2 recent success stories to give you some hope that Mojo can really work if you stick to it:

“My whole life I’ve struggled to get and maintain, mostly to maintain erections. It got worse over time in a downward spiral. This is tiny and maybe even obvious. It clicked that my issue wasn’t my penis but my brain. I could always masturbate just fine and my issue was in the bedroom. Now I can sort of give my penis it’s due and know that it’s just fine, which has relieved some pressure. I still have a long way to go but it’s encouraging. I know the brain can be rewired since that’s how we learn, so it gives me confidence that I’ll make it work this time using Mojo.”

“I found that I was more confident about sex. Almost felt like I was 18 again I could wank for a reasonable amount of time. Before it would take a 40 mins to climax in that the moment of me feeling confident it was halved. I was with a partner and I felt myself get a Bonner. It didn’t last long but it was there and i was so proud of myself.”

Wishing you the best on your journey!


Hey bro. I’m with you. I’m 41 married with three kids. I’m totally new to this, it feels so embarrassing to talk about anything personal about myself…but I started worrying about five years ago that our intimacy was suffering as we started to grow apart. I figured low testosterone could be an issue so I went and got a test and they said it was on the low side of normal, and then of course they push ed pills at me. Now it’s the only thing that works and it doesn’t work very well at all. I think my brain has really gotten relying on them and got more deeply in the mix of my anxieties. + My wife had an “emotional relationship” with an ex last year and that further messed with my head. Lately sex has been terrible. I tossed the ED pills, and just started doing mojo. I guess it is nice to hear that other people are struggling with the same things, when you’re all alone, you often think that everyone else is a rockstar. Good luck, we’re all trying to stay hopeful and trust the program.