Scared to even try to get it up

Hi all, I’m new here and need to hear your opinions.

So I have been having ED for years. I never thought anything of it before meeting my wife but it started to become a problem for us early on. I seeked out medical attention and was given tadafil which I take daily since then. Most of the time it works great and helps me get a hard on without any real issues but I have run out and can’t get any for another month due to suppliers issues.

Since then we have tried having sex and I am as limp no matter how much I try. Because of that it put me into a depression mood and not want to touch my wife and making my wife feel ugly and unwanted. How can I get out of my head and turn this around?

She has told me she basically doesn’t me to touch her and doesn’t want to be with me really.

Please any advice would be appreciated.

Hey mate,
Chin up, you’re here on Mojo to begin to work through the challenges. A lot of us have ED challenges. The program has lots of different exercises and phases to help us overcome it. Move through the program and take the daily exercises with a positive attitude and give yourself time. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself.
A lot of guys have found it helpful to talk to their partner to let them know what they are doing to work through it and this in itself has helped. Letting them know it’s got nothing to do with them but something you are grappling with in you mind etc can make them feel less of of not the problem.

Some of the exercises you can do with your partner when the time comes.

A lot of us have also found that many things in life can affect erections that may not seem connected- eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercise and getting good sleep, anxiety, high stress from work/life etc.

We are here to support you and each other. You can overcome it mate. You got this.