I keep writing about my ED

Just in hopes that putting it out there will eventually along with these exercises get me over the jump. I’ve been intimate with my new gf for the past like 2 1/2 months (only get to see her once a week or so but frequently overnights). Through this I haven’t been able to get erect enough for penetrative sex. I’ve really developed quality oral sex skills and get her off 4-5 times from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. She tells me how hard she cums and her soaked sheets confirm this. She’s never gotten me off once even with oral sex. It’s gotten kinda bad that I wish and hope she doesn’t try to go down on me or attempt sex. I know I won’t stay hard. I’m hoping through these exercises somehow magically I’ll progress. Just very hopeful.
I really like her and feel like progressing towards being in love with her. Typing this out makes me realize how much I want this and how much I’m willing to work to get there. I don’t want to wonder what goes through her mind not even getting me off.
Sending all my guys on here good vibes. Hopeful in the future I can get there.


Good luck, mate! I’m currently talking to a girl who will be back in town in a month, but I’m worried a month might not be enough time to fix my issues. Care to share what’s been working as far as the oral goes?

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Sounds like you’re heavily in the “in your head “ stage buddy

Try the meditation program on this platform it helps me stay focused

Just wondering , have you ever had an erection with a partner before?

If no , then work through this app and take in all the information you will get there I know you will!!!

If you have then great, just look at it as just sex , you’ve done it before and you can do it again , keep saying it too yourself and when it comes to sex , that it as progress step , you got hard but lost it step 1 , got hard and got it in but lost it step 2 , got hard and got it in and cum step 3

Keep telling yourself you’re making progress!! , also talk to your partner openly about how your feelings so they don’t think it them causing the issue

Good luck my friend

Here’s the thing. I had sex with a woman that I’m not nearly as attracted to pretty recently. Like I was stiff as I’ve ever been. This is literally the first time in my life I can’t keep an erection. Sadly enough, at 41, this is the first time I’m really really really into a woman. Like I wanted to be with her and never thought I’d get with her. And I somehow did and she’s nuts about me.

I’m totally in my head and I want to get out of it. I’m 6 weeks into this program but Lordy I’m in my head.

Now I haven’t seen significant progress with this but… I’m going to play soothing music/sexy music when we’re making love/oral sex. I’ve been able to easier get hard but I lose it. I’m also going to try a slow massage.

It can take a while to kick in… but it has for me… I’m not fully confident yet… but my strike rate with my new girl has improved.
I desperately wanted it to be perfect between us… and I think that upped the stress and had a negative effect.
I’m more relaxed “not aiming for perfection just an erection”

You will get there…

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Thank you. The hard part is when it feels like I’m improving in the heat of passion she’ll say things that you’d think may be a turn on or help and that so don’t. I’ve communicated it but she can’t help. I want it soooo fucking bad that it ruins it. I’ll keep with the program and hope it improves.